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Light Comparison

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This is from the M&P board I belong to.

Please feel free to move this post if this is in the wrong area.

Light Comparison
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Well, he posted a similar thing on several sites, but the information seems valid. He may just want to spread the word on his findings for everybody’s benefit.
Looks like genuine information to me. No spam there.
He is peddling his product as if he was just a regular user. He messed up on one...

As the maker of Black Bear Flashlights
LEO’s that have used my Fenix LOP

Good lookin out my man. Thatdoes make it sound like spam, or aninferior product being passed as ligit.

I'll wait till I here it from some one I trust.
There are no prices listed on his website


but I read on another board that he's selling the Aurora flashlights for $220-250. Thats a bit steep in my book.

He also was contacted by Maglight to remove the original 'Mag' portion of his name brand.

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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