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    I just bought my 1st 9mil hp pistol I want to know how light of a load I can make so my wife can get used to shooting the pistol.I know I'll have to do some ladder tests but I just want to through it out there.
    thanks cross+hare
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    the c9 is already one of the gentlest shooting 9mm pistols, you would be doing her a dis-service to lighten the power. just regular ball ammo (115gr) should be sufficient. my wife started with a 22, then wanted to shoot my 380 revolver because it was smaller than the 38spl. She quickly learned that smaller and lighter equals the body absorbing more recoil. I would also question the light loads ability to cycle the heavier slide. I do not reload, so I am just guessing at this. either way post a range review, and welcome to the forum.

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    I'm assuming from your question that you're loading your own. So you start at the low end of the load recipe for your powder and bullet combination. Can't go too low or your pistol won't cycle. Can't really be more specific than that without knowing what powder you're using and what kind of bullet you're going to use. We can't give you load data here anyway. If you're not loading your own, commercial ammo is generally commercial ammo. You might find that 124gr is a little less snappy than 115. Good luck.
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    Thanks for the feed back,I haven't picked up the pistol yet (Ca. 10 day wait )so when I pick it up I will shoot it with a start load out of the book then adjust as necessary.I reload for all of my fire arms but the 22's.I'm looking forward to being happy Hi point shooter:)
  5. Is this your very first gun? if so are you thinking of reloading your own or just looking for a weight and brand that has the lowest recoil.
  6. Keep in mind that semi autos need enough pressure to function, so they cannot be loaded like 38 spl target ammo.

    If you are set up to reload already then look to the faster powders and follow guide lines. But as has already been said 9mm in a heavy gun just is not brutal to shoot, very tame in fact. You could also consider adding a CF380 to your safe.
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    I'd start with the start load for your gun, then work downwards in very gradual increments. There are two signs to look out for - One is that your gun won't cycle properly, so you need to bump back up a notch or two, and another is actually overpressure signs. It's counterintuitive as all hell, but I've heard of cases of really light loads actually developing higher pressures. The best explanation I heard was a little complicated, but had something to do with basically a bullet falling behind when "riding" the pressure wave of a fired shot, and then having a lot of pressure build up behind it before it got going fast enough again. Regardless, KB with ultra-light loads is a thing that has happened, so be aware of that. I'd find something the wife is comfy with and just leave it there without trying to go too low. I'd bet good money you'd get failures to cycle before you ran into pressure issues, but you never know.
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    I always go right in the middle for each load works fine for me.
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    When searching for a light practice load, I start at the minimum, then slowly work up until I get a load that reliably functions the action. Loads below minimum can be just as dangerous as loads above maximum.
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    Well I started at the low end and dropped the load down 8 tenths of a grn. it is more on the mark than the start load I'm using 125 grn. hard cast round nose shake & bake powder coated ( lee 356-125-2r)bullets with 473 AA supper trap powder with WSP primers.I just picked up the pistol today so more range reports coming,weather permitting.By the way the old 473AA does not seem to be position sensitive in my other fire arms i.e. pistol loads in 30-30 for plinking no weird signs of pressure.
    once again thanks for your input
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    I use a powder weight in the middle of the recommended range on my 380. I occasionally get a light load in a few rounds from my auto-disc powder measure. When that happens the gun will eject the spent brass but not chamber the next round from the magazine.
  16. I hate it when that happens so I try to increase the charge by .1 or .2 grains so it doesn't happen again. Knocking on wood 3 times and doing the powder dance seem to help too. :eek: