Lights Out by Halffast

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    Good stuff!
    I have read it before...someparts are dry...but def worth checking out!

  2. Would you please provide a brief synopsis/review of those things you've read that you recommend? There's so much to read and life is so short.

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    "Lights Out" follows two friends/co-workers and their families through a SHTF scenario when, you guessed it, all the lights suddenly go out. It's a good read and makes you think about some things. I downloaded it and read it in 3 days, then turned around and read it again. Some parts are pretty unbelievable as far as how lucky they get, but, hey, it is fiction.
  4. I have read it as well. It was a pretty good read
  5. Ok, so I am about 250 pages into this book, and I like it so far -- it is well-written, and you can tell the author has done some research -- but I can't help but notice that in this book the "good guys" are all using AR's and FAL's (with the occasional "ugly" AK-47 and SKS) while the gang bangers are using, yep, you guessed it, "a High-Point(sic) 9mm carbine."

  6. Just finished it. Not the best thing I have ever read and certainly not the worst. Made me think about a few things like I need to make friends with a farmer, mechanic, former marine drill sgt, welder, gun store owner, oh yeah and find a boss who will give me tons of money when the shtf.