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    Starting from the muzzle, AR Stoner brake, Anderson 223 Wylde 1:8 pencil barrel with a mid length gas port, Anderson gas block and tube. Guntec USA rail, Leapers UTG Super Slim sights, upper reciever is from my spare parts bin, as is the forward assist, fire control group and grip. Bolt and Carrier group from the parts bin and is the commercial carrier to save weight. The lower reciever and reciever extension is Anderson. The stock is Mission First Tactical.

    I am pleased with the looks of the rifle. It came out just about like I was wanting. The only thing I would do different is get a 10" instead of the 9" rail I got. I thought the 9" rail would go to the gas port, it did not. Instead it’s about 1/8" from the gas block. Minimalist, no oversized or ambidextrous controls. No bad levers. Just plain. This is the rifle I was going to do red anodized, but I was having a hard time sourcing the parts. At least USA made and within budget. It may get the Duracote anodize treatment.

    My goal was a 5 pound rifle. I missed it by a couple of ounces. The only steel in this rifle is the barrel, bolt carrier group and fire control group. Everything else is aluminum , except the stock and grip which is plastic. I dislike adjustable stocks. Do not like the wobble. Bought this one just for the weight savings. You can not tell it from a fixed stock, absolutely no wobble. I am happy!

    I was not super impressed with shooting. The rifle is grossly over gassed. Ejection was to the front and recoil was noticeable. It needs a mil spec bolt carrier and a H2, maybe a H3 buffer. There goes my 5 pound rifle! The rifle got hot, and I do mean hot! That big honking aluminum gas block acted like a radiator. It’s definately getting a hand stop. Maybe a steel gas block. More weight.

    Shooting was done at 25 yards at an indoor range due to rain. First 3 shot group was not bad, two through the same hole and the third with just a sliver between it and the first two. Way low and left. The second 3 shot group was still a little low and just a touch left. The next 3 shot group was centered and a touch right with all 3 shots touching. I am pretty happy now! It all went downhill from there. I ended up with a group that measured 6"x4 1/2". I think the rifle can be accurate, the first shots showed that. What happened. Did it shoot poorly because it got hot? Or do I just suck and can’t shoot? I was shooting my own handloads, a max charge of H335 powder pushing 63 grain bullets.

    Overall, I am pretty happy with the rifle. It ate 200 rounds today with zero malfunctions. I need to fix the over gassed problem and add a block to keep the support hand away from the gas block. I think the accuracy is there. It’s just trying to find a way to get out.

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    The pencil barrel is your culprit - rapidly heating causes the inaccuracy.
    Either switch to a heavier barrel or wait ten minutes between groupings.

    Original Ruger Mini-14 has same problem - only recently corrected by the Tactical Rifle now being offered.

    Helpful eldar