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Like my new C9

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Just picked up a new C9 for $160 (lowest price I could find) and tax this week and finally got to shoot it today. Straight out of the box and it ate through 100 rounds of Remington UMC with no feed/eject issues whatsoever. The rear sight needs to be adjusted, as it was shooting very low, but once I figured out where it was shooting and adjusted my aim it was very consistent at 15 yards, and I can tell that once I get it dialed in I won't be able to blame the gun for any poor shots. The Butler Creek medium grip that I put on it fits perfectly and makes it a very comfortable hold, and I'd recommend it for anyone who doesn't like the stock grip. All in all, I really like it, and my ability to resist the urge to by another Hi-point is faltering.
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are the butler creek grips slimmer than the stock grips?
Perhaps a picture????
I know, I know, :postpics:

I'll try and get a picture up soon. My camera is a lovely 2004 model that sucks the life out of 4 AA batteries in about 30 shots.

I have the Hogue 17000 grip and found that it just did not fit the C9 well (guess I'll save it for the .40 or .45 (now I have to buy one of them, right?)), and so tried the Butler Creek medium. My dad saw the gun for the first time today and shot about 30 rounds through it. After shooting it, he said he was impressed by how it shot. Only after that did I tell him that the grip was aftermarket. He was suprised, as he thought it was a stock grip. It is slightly off color from the stock polymer, but it fits perfectly with no movement, so I can understand why he thought it was stock.

I will also get a picture of my carbine up, as I have Mold99's charging handle, magazine release, and trigger, and can't speak enough about how nice they make the 995 feel.
I was able to go and shoot my C9 again today. First time using the 10 round magazine for the C9, and it was flawless. I was also able to get my sight closer to where it needs to be, though I think it's still a little low. I'm also shooting consistently left, but I haven't figured out if I'm pulling or if the sight's a tad off, or both. Gives me something to work on, at least.

I did have one FTF, though I believe it was the round and not the gun. It was the 4th round in the 8 round magazine. The first three fired fine, and then when I pulled the trigger again, nothing. It looked like the bullet hadn't seated correctly and so the slide wasn't able to close completely. I cleared it and fired off the rest of the magazine with no issues. I found the FTF round and looked it over, but it looked fine, with no obvious defects. I cleaned it off, put it back in the magazine, pulled the slide back, and same thing - the slide wasn't able to close all of the way with the round in. I cleared it, put it in one more time, and again, same thing. Fired another 100 or so rounds after that and no issues, so while I couldn't see any defects in the casing, something was obviously not to spec.

A few hundred rounds into the C9 and only one issue which I can't really blame on the gun - I'm pretty happy with my purchase.
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I prefer the Butler creek to the Hogue also! It has a better fit & feel on the c-9!
congrats and thanks for sharing
are the butler creek grips slimmer than the stock grips?
IMO no.. its just a different feel to the grip. Personally, i like it!
My C-9 also shoots extremely low. Its been a while since I have been to the range with it but I think the POI at 30' was about 6" below the line of sight. This is with the rear sight jacked at max height. Maybe this is a quirk of the C-9. I would like to hear if other C-9 owners have the same experience.


My C9 shot pretty well out of the box. Was shooting left but right on elevation. However, will put 2 or 3 rounds in the 10 ring, then the next ones are so far off i can't tell where they went!
that is strange are the hi-point very sensitve to ammo are far as point of aim is concerned?
Took my C9 out last weekend for the first time and it shot a foot low and about a foot right of center.Shot about 25 rounds and adjusted the rear sight and got it alot closer. Gotta get out and fine tune it.
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