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    Like new used Kel Tec P11 that I picked up today at the Niles, Ohio Eastwood Expo gun show. I paid $210.00 OTD. I plan to use for a CCW when I get around to getting my permit. I need to pick up the belt clip, 1 extra factory mag and an extended capcity mag (extended mag for fun factor).

  2. PM me bout that belt clip.....I took mine off, and would be willing to part with it.

  3. good for you! That's a nice looking piece there. Just FYI, I use a high noon IWB when I carry mine on hip, and it works well ankle carry too.
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  5. "... may it serve you well." --John Lennon, Revolution No. 9
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    Thanks, I thought it was a pretty good deal, only one mag though :cry: . Do they usually come with two mags from the factory?
  7. You'll be happy with that if it's like my Kel-Tecs.

    I passed on the P11 because I wanted the flatter PF-9. But if you're going to carry and don't mind the thickness, it gives you more capacity. Shoot it and fil us in how it does.
  8. Got mine used too and only came with one mag. I bought another and pinky extensions for both. Made it easier to handle for me.
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    Only 1 mag with NIB :(
  10. I have a OD green P11, which I like very much, but I would not have wanted to use it for my permit shooting test. It's OK at 5 yards, but some of our shots were at 20 yards, or so, and I'm afraid my P11 might not have done so well at that distance. I used a Ruger P95.
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    My P11 has the pinky extension and I had my slide nickle plated by Jack Fuselier. Great job at a good price. Kel Tec now has the 12 round factory mags for the P11. Jack did the slide on my P32 too. 8)
  12. The P11 makes a nice CC pistol due to its really compact size, but the trigger pull makes it one of the most inaccurate pistols I have ever owned. If at all possible use something else to take the shooting part of your concealed carry course. Then spend a LOT of time on the range with the P11 because its one of those pistols that require lots of practice to become proficient with, at least in my opinion.

    Anyway, congrats on the P11.

  13. Good luck with it. Let us know how she shoots