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    SAMCO Global advertised a selection of "unissued condition" K31 Swiss carbines for sale a few weeks ago. I already have a good condition K31 I like to shoot, and decided to buy it a companion.

    It took almost 3 weeks to get here, but it was worth the wait. Anyone familiar with these weapons knows what rough condition even the good ones are in. Apart from some marring of the stock (consistent with long-term crate storage), this rifle looks brand new.

    It's a 1955 Bern Armory (Waffenfabrik Bern)l rifle that, as far as we can tell, was factory refurbished (as opposed to being rearmored by the military) ~1962, and put in storage. 50+ years later... This schönes Mädchen is mine:




  2. Bull

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    Wow...... That does look new! Nice pickup!

  3. lklawson

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    Looks pretty sweet.

    Peace favor your sword,
  4. norham

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    Oh, isn't that sweet....
  5. cktvt

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    Gawd what a specimen! Even the leather looks good. You'll never see another like it boys.

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    The sling is new... Or at least it was when they put it on half a century ago. Just a bit stiff with age (sorta like its new owner). It has an impression on it which appears to have been made by the bolt handle of the rifle stored next to it for all those years.
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    Take the butt plate off and see if you have a present under it. The Swiss usually put their name etc.on a slip of paper and put it under the butt plate for any weapon they were issued. Most Swiss rifles will have it.

  8. bscar

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    i thought about picking one up from classic firearms, but the ammo to shoot it is a bit pricey for my taste.
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    That's a beautiful rifle! I'm envious!!

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  10. TRWXXA

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    It is a factory refurbished rifle. It was intended to be reissued, but never was. There is no slip of paper under the buttplate.