Link to some good Mosin M91/30 stripper clips please?

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    After searching around on the Interwebnets for a week or so it seems that some stripper clips work fine and others suck butt. Does anybody have a link to some that they've bought and used successfully themselves? I'd like to get 50 or so.
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    good luck. Ive tried every different one i could buy and all of them suck. Your best bet is to find an original russian and have it copied.


  3. I bought a few stripper clips from Benny over at Appear to be pretty good, but I haven't had a chance to use them yet. He posts on here as Benny249 shoot him a pm and let him know what you are looking for.
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    I've bought a fair bit of stuff from Benny in the past, I didn't think to check his site for Mosin stuff. If you get a chance to try out those clips you bought would you please let me know, either in PM or in this thread? I hate to buy em if they don't work.
  5. I have loaded some rounds through with them, but have to get the headspace checked on my Mosin before I fire. Appear to load rounds fine though.
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    Sweet, I'll probably order 20 or so to start off with. As long as they feed rounds correctly that's all I'm concerned with. My Mosin shoots just fine after hand loading them so I don't think it'd be any different after being loaded from a stripper clip.

    I guess I took a big risk when I first fired my Mosin. I was planning on getting those tests but I told one of my buddies that my ammo had come in and he wanted to test it out so we went to his house and after I shot it the first time I was really really thankful that it didn't have any headspace problems. We shot it 5 times before his parents got mad because of the noise and made us stop. I'm hoping some weekend soon to get to take it out and shoot it some more, I really like that thing but hand loading is a pain.
  7. I am going to let strangerous handle this one.
  8. Look for original clips that came out of milsurp ammo boxes with the milsurp ammo loaded on them.

    IMO you will get closer to having clips that will work properly.
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    He said 'stripper magazines' :!:
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    No you're not.
  12. I found mosin stripper clips on for $1.50 ea. or 10 for $10.I am going to order 20 next week.They also have a good deal on ammo.I am going to order some of that also.
  13. I did a Google search on how to properly load the stripper clips with the ammunition and came up with:

    The information is at the bottom of the page.

    I haven't tried it yet, since I just found it. I, too, have been frustrated with the 5 stripper clips I have not loading the cartridges into the magazine. Maybe I'll go see what happens right now just for the heck of it. :)

    ETA: I tried loading my stripper clips (with spent shells) as per the above link info, and no go. However, I did notice that a fully loaded clip seems to become bound up in the rifle, thus squeezing the cartridges in the clip. I placed an empty clip in the rifle and there was some side to side wiggle. A fully loaded one had no wiggle.

    My clips did have some sharp edges that I filed/sanded down, as they were scratching the cartridge casings. I also sanded the outside of the clips where the binding was occurring. Still no luck loading a full clip, though.

    Here is a pic of the clip I worked on:

    I don't like the crappy arrows... :lol: I couldn't find a line/arrow tool in GIMP.

    As far as my use of my Mosin goes, it's going to be used to reach out and touch someone far away, should the need arise, so I don't really feel put out having to hand load the box mag.
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    I agree with you .40cal_in_Idaho on the use of the Mosin. It'll be my sniper rifle if the need arises, but I'd still like to be able to reload it fairly quickly if I needed to for some reason. Plus it's more convinient for the range.