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  2. The official state guidelines for Minnesota – Seems there’s no difference between open & concealed carry:

    During the 2005 Session, several firearm carry bills were introduced to address the court decisions regarding the 2003 Minnesota Citizens' Personal Protection Act of 2003. In May of 2005, Senate File 2259 was passed by both the Senate and the House of Representatives. Governor Pawlenty signed Senate File 2259 into law (Laws of Minnesota 2005, Chapter 83) on May 24, 2005. This act makes no distinction between "open carry" versus "concealed carry" and persons with a valid permit are allowed to carry using either method.
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    Good info in this thread, thanks for the links.
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    I know this page hasn't had any hits in a couple of months or I may have overlooked it in an earlier post, but can anyone help me out with a link or any info on Georgia's Open Carry laws vs. our CC laws. I checked the map for the reciprocity laws with other states etc. but saw no clear cut lamens terms for open carry. I've heard the tales of "oh just have it in plain sight unloaded in your car and the mag in the console they won't do anything" but my concern lies more with it being in my holster when I'm walking around not in my car.
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    Have you tried:
    Georgia @ It's timing out for me but I think that's just my local network.

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    "Basically, to carry a long gun you do not have to have a license to carry as long as you are not prohibited from owning a firearm. To carry a handgun openly or concealed in the state of Georgia (other than on your property or inside your home, car, or your place of business), you must have a Georgia Weapons Carry License (or the older Georgia Firearm License) issued under code 16-11-129. To carry a knife designed for offense with a blade over 5 inches you must have a Georgia Weapons Carry License (or the older Georgia Firearm License) issued under code 16-11-129."

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    Thanks for the info guys. Checked in on it and I understand now, next step will be getting my CWP.