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    I know this is in the wrong place, and moderators, if it needs to be moved, I understand, no butthurt here. I just know that only forum supporters see the other section.

    My close friend and guitar teacher, is doing a give away to a program, little kids rock. It gets instruments into the hands of school kids, mostly inner city where those programs are cancelled due to budget cuts.
    So, for donating a $1, you get a digital download of a bunch of his dvd lessons.

    These lessons are great, and he has put a lot of work into them over the years. I have talked with people from the program, and really believe it could change some childrens lives. If you have a $1, whether you want to learn guitar, know a kid who does, or adult...........for the cost of four rounds, or 1/2 a coffee, its a worth while cause.....and as I said, I known Marty Personally for many years, so there is no scam or catch