Little problem recently with 45

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  1. So I took out the 45 to the range yesterday, and I seem to be having my first issue with the JHP 45. Every magazine I seemed to have one or two stovepipe rounds jam up the gun. I had to drop the mag and cycle the slide in order to clear the jam. It also seemed harder to get the first round into the chamber; I had to tap the back of the slide in order to get the slide to return to battery.

    When I look inside the chamber, it seems there is a line going up the feed ramp where some of the chrome or whatever it is has come off, leaving a black finish (kinda forms a triangle shape). I'm wondering if part of the feed ramp has chipped away somehow, causing the shells to bounce off that at an angle and stovepipe as the round is being loaded into the chamber. No double loads, just one round doing this at a time, but it does cause the gun to stop functioning until I drop the mag and clear the chamber, then reload and cycle the slide, tap the slide from the back into battery, then the rest of the magazine usually is OK, until the next mag.

    When I get home tonight, I'll take pictures with the good camera and post them so people can see what I mean. I'm not too worried, because if nothing else, I'll send it in and let Hi Point take care of me, but since the gun functions, would I have to send it through an FFL? Hmm..... :?
  2. How many rounds have been put through the pistol since its last cleaning?

  3. None.....cleaned it before we went out last time, and again after we got home from the range, just to rule that out.....
  4. OK, finally got the pictures taken.......another curious issue that I haven't had before, when I try to cycle the slide manually, just running rounds through the chamber, the rounds never seem to be ejected with any force, so I get double feeds, rounds getting caught on the slide on the way out of the chamber, or just not coming very far out of the barrel at all. I have been able to cycle rounds through the chamber before just to test with no issues. Perhaps something has happened to my extractor or something?


    Feedback would be appreciated, any suggestions?
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    What brand of ammo are you using? Have you tried multiple brands?
  6. Either Blazer Brass or Blazer (aluminum).....both have been used in this pistol before without this issue. Used some kind of really cheap ammo at an indoor range once, can't remember what it was, but it was an acronym for the name, started with really did poorly in this gun. Blazer Brass or just plain Blazer has historically done really well; Blazer Brass is what was jamming this last time. I also shoot Winchester WWB HP ammo that seems to work pretty well.
  7. Ah, polish that feedramp, the black paint is chipping off. When that paint chips, it catches the edge of the brass as it tries to slide into the chamber. There's a whole topic in the Tech Tips section that explains how to do so. If you're not comfortable doing it yourself, then call HP for service and they'll do it.
    As far as it not ejecting when you're hand cycling, that happens to me as well. It's just that we can't operate the slide as fast as the gun can when it's fired. It takes a lot of speed and force to properly eject a round from a JHP. The slide movement to the rear, firing pin, and ejector have to all work in quick harmony to chuck that round/brass out and away from the sidearm.
  8. Mine looked just like that after I ran 40-50 rounds through it. Now after about 180 rounds and a cleaning, my ramp has about no paint on it and it feeds much better!! I have also only ran FMJ WWB through it so far.
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    mine looked the same way.. you need to either polish the feed ramp or run another 100-200 rounds through it.

    once i polished my feed ramp and let my mag sit with rounds in it to loosen the spring, it fed like a champ!
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    I agree with the rest of these folks; polish the feed ramp. I have used some auto-buffing compound on a piece of old T-shirt wrapped over the end of a pencil and hand buffed mine while watching TV.
  11. I used a very very fine sandpaper and polished mine while watching tv also :)
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    Your feed ramp looks normal and smooth enough. The silver you see is where the bullet nose has ground through the powder coat.

    Probably your problem is that you need to disassemble your weapon and give it a good cleaning and lubrication (I used silicone spray last time, I didn't want the lubrication to soften the frame). My slide was dragging on the barrel scratching the paint from the barrel and more importantly adding drag to the slide.

    A bit of polishing on the slide ring helped. It will shoot light cowboy type loads as well as full power 45s.

    There seems to be a fear amongst some users to dissambling their weapon for periodic cleaning.

    There is no chrome in my HiPoint. The feed ramp is Zinc, aluminum or some kind of pot metal.
  13. Hmm......I'm going to probably call Hi Point today, and see what they want to do. If they will let me send it in, I'll do that and let them fix me up......time to test the legendary HP customer service.... :)