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    Wife is 5'2" and 90 lbs. Buddhist leaning (sister is a nun and she is from Taiwan).
    I have been talking to her about when TSHTF and have finally convinced her to learn to shoot because I need someone to watch my back.
    She has shot my S&W K22 and my 995 and was pretty good with both. She said she wants to get good with the firearms that I choose for her. So, the 995 is now hers and yesterday I bought her a Bersa t380.
    Bought a bunch of Independence .380 ammo today and in a week or so, (after her sister and her nun buddies go home to Taiwan) the lessons will start.
    Hell, she will probably outshoot me.

  2. Get her a BB pistol to shoot in the back yard or what ever. Something fun to do and cheap enough to shoot anytime she feels like it . She can even shoot inside the house, apartment , ect. Then after she gets familiar and AT EASE with guns , take her to a range where they rent pistols. Let her rent what feels right in her hand. Women are different than us guys in that they were not brought up playing with cap guns, BB guns and such. The Bersa Thunder 380, Kel tec P-3at, and other smaller guns tend to be a bit snappy in the recoil department and tend to hurt smaller hands if not held with a proper grip.

  3. I think you have made a good choice in firearms for her . I have both the P3at and the Bersa 380 and like the Bersa 100 % better. :D I put rubber wrap around grips on the Bersa and it is a soft shooter. The P3at is small and easily conceiable , but has a sharp recoil . My wife is 5 ft 1 in and she likes shooting the Bersa . Also find some snap caps so she can get used to the trigger before she goes to the range.
  4. my wife is 5'7" and she packs a lady smith 9mm and that cute lil kel tec. but her first gun was a p22.
  5. My wife also has a P22 but we're slowly looking to move up to a 9mm, just don't know which one yet.