Live-Action Snake-Eyes (GI Joe movie)

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  1. browwiw

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    Here's the first pic of Ray Park (the guy who played Darth Maul) as Snake Eyes in the upcoming live-action GI Joe movie!

    Nerd Gleeeee!

    The only thing that could excite me more are pics from the upcoming 2009 Captain America movie.
  2. HPHooked

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    Sweet. Is that an FN 5seveN he's holding?

  3. Yes, that's an FN FiveseveN. Nice gun.
  4. Shame they changed GI Joe into some sort of UN task force instead of leaving it the ****alone.

    As a friend of mine once said...... Aim for the blue helmet.
  5. browwiw

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    Because there's nothing inherently questionable about the original series...
  6. You know what? A little possible arse-banditry isn't even close to being as offensive as the UN being made into some sort of heroic world-saving agency, especially at the expense of the US.
  7. AndrewST

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    Ok, lets get the thread back on track. This isn't the US vs UK thread.

    The photos is great..yes that is an F&N FiveseveN, and it is a bad ass gun.
  8. Yeah but some of the other casting rumors makes me cringe. I really don't think I can deal with it. I'll just go dig the Terror Drome out of the garage and remember when Joe was cool
  9. Uraijit

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    Yeah, talk about ruining the whole premise...
  10. All else aside, Snake Eyes was ALWAYS my favorite! Never could find him whe I was a kid though. :cry: When I did, though, I didn't have the money. :cry: My wife won't let me buy him now. :x She says its too childish. Snake Eyes will never be childish :!: :!:
  11. When did this become a US vs UK thread?

    I'm bitching about how anti-US sentiment is so prevalent in Hollyweird, that they can't even leave something as harmless like GI Joe alone. It's indicative of how skewed the outlook of the average movie type is, when you can change an American force for (imaginary) good into an offshoot of the UN without apparent irony.

    The closest this has come to getting off-topic is me ranting about the UN, but I'm personally considering that pretty on-topic as this movie has been turned into a puff piece for the "America Bad - UN Good" crowd so it will sell outside of the US market.

    Problem is, most of Europe and big chunks of the rest of the world forget they'd be speaking German/Japanese without that "US Imperialism/Cowboy manners" they keep bleating on about. Sure, you Yanks turned up a bit late to the party, but you made up for it by bring all kinds of treats with you ;)

    So f**k Hollyweird, f**k my blinkered fellow EU drones and f**k the UN :)

    Ray Park on the other hand kicks ass, as does the FN Five-seveN!
  12. AndrewST

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    Whoops my bad, I though you said UK not UN. I retract my statement...and yes, I agree F*** the UN.
  13. freedom

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    Sure looks like it.