Llama comes back?

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    Eagle Imports’ Llama Pistols
    Eagle Imports is reviving the Llama line of budget-friendly 1911-style pistols. Originally manufactured in Spain before Llama went out of business in the early 1990s, the new pistols will be manufactured and hand-fitted in the Philippines by the same gunsmiths that produce Eagle's American Classic and MAC 1911 pistol lines. New Llama pistols will include the Llama Max chambered in .45 ACP and the diminutive Micro Max .380 ACP with both pistols featuring a Parkerized finish, fixed sights and hardwood grip panels.


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  2. talon

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    Will be interesting to see the quality on these.

  3. lklawson

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    Yeah. Apparently some Philippines stuff is good and some not so much.

    I'm a sucker for reintroduced brands like this. I'm betting the 380 will be the most popular. It's a tad smaller than the new Browning 1911-380 but in about the same size range as the G42 or the Ruger LC380 (just a tad wider, however).

    I couldn't find any info on MSRP.

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    They couldn't be any worse than some of the original Llama pistols. My uncle had Llama 1911 that would make a RG revolver look like a fine weapon.
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    This was my first 45acp purchased in 1988 and was ridiculously cheap value priced Govt. style pistol. Probably only put a couple hundred rds through it but it worked every time with good old hard ball. It was a little rough looking the bluing was ok and the trigger was good. Brother has it as a truck gun and works just fine for him.
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    NE Utah
    Funny thing...My Metro Arms 1911 is a Firestorm...the company that introduced the Firestorm name in the 1911? Llama.

    The Llama Firestorm had a bad image as the small Spanish parts were brittle.

    The Filipino built Metro Arms FireStorm ran fine.

    And now we are coming full circle and stamping the Llama name on Filipino made 1911's?

    Meh...the name means nothing, but the guns should be good.

    That .380 could be a big seller at the right price.
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    Now, if it's the right price, that's a .380 I must might by. I've been wanting a 1911 :D
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    Sorry Tall you don't like .380 :p
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    The 45 on the left is a Fatboy Light Weight (LW) imported by American Tactical Inc. (ATI) and manufactured in the Philippines by Shooters Arms Manufacturing (S.A.M.). Aluminum frame and steel slide no barrel bushing and a reverse bushing for the recoil spring and guide rod, 12 Rd double stack mags. Replaced a broken ejector and a little breakin time it has become a excellent shooter. Also replaced the recoil spring and guide rod with a Kimber RS and GR.
    Modified two 14rd Mec Gar mags too work reliably.
    The one on the right is my conspicuous consumption Sig 45 bought used with a lot of extra goodies.
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    I don't like the cost of a round of .380 or .45ACP on top, compared to the cost of 9mm.

    BUT for the right gun for the right price....I may become a convert LOL :D
  12. talon

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    That pocket size 380 does kinda speak to me a bit.
  13. moona11

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    Nay T that's a girl round :-( let's get 5 of the 45's and raise some hell :-D
  14. MaryB

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    Reload! It is cheaper!
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    :llama: :dance: :llama:​

    Mole LIKE!
  16. That ATI Fatboy looks a lot like my Llama Micro Max. Few thousand rounds through it just if not more reliable then some "better" names. Last time I qualified it was with the Llama.
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    Had two Llamas in the 80s. The 45 was crap, useless, but the 38 super ran fine. I'm still "needing" a 1911, the cheaper the better.
  19. Bull

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    The RIA's seem to be working out well for everyone.... If I hadn't fell into a deal on an 80 series colt, I was buying an RIA myself.

  20. Your lucky you got that fatboy to work, I could not get mine to shoot right at all and I put a new ejector in it. I finally gave up and sold it.