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LMAO check out this idiot!!

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He wanted to win the Darwin Award.
Guys like that give respectible gun owners a bad image.,,someone should pull his Man Card :embarrassed2:
Let him do that again... with a 10 guage and get it over with..... NATURAL SELECTION DOESNT WORK FAST ENOUGH!!!!!
I'd like to see him with a Mosin or Mauser..stupid is as stupid does..ofcourse he'd have to have a shootin stick..heh..and paint a bullseye on his jibs. Wonder where the bullet ended up..idiot for sure.
What a dumbarse. Too bad it didnt knock him out cold.
OMG!!! Yeah, me too...Heck, I'll even drive over there to him and he can try that with my MN and Mauser rifles.
my NEF 10 ga would have broken his neck if he had trried that.

Shoulda fired a bit lower might have smacked his nads and helped cleanup the gene pool :D
Like I said 10ga!!! I have a very low tollerance for stupidity!
speaking of 10ga i finished the stock refinish on mine this weekend. ill have to post up pics when i get time.

1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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