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  1. Tribes

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    Load data for lighter grain 308 bullets to be used in Vepr 308 and the AK variants. Such as 110, 95, 90 grain FMJ and TMJ BT bullets.

    Kicking around ideas. Is it possible and safe? Pros and cons.

    Have seen data for 110 grain 308 FMJ used for a Tokarev in a CZ52 pistol. Would believe it would be safe for a PPS43C. Is it possible to extrapolate data to 308 rifles as listed above Using Hodgdons CFE powder and once fired brass Or any other suitable powder?
  2. Rachgier

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    Hodgdon, Lee, and Sierra have no load data with CFE for .308 with anything lighter than 130gr.

    I can list a bunch of 110gr data for you from those 3 manuals. Are you looking for the load data, or just powders?

  3. Tribes

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    Thanks Rach, Saw the Lee data for 308 and 110 grain carbine bullet.

    But can the data be extrapolated for the 51 and 39 cases using the lighter bullets using CFE. Not sure of where to start.

    Going from a 130 gr 308 to a 90 gr 308 bullet would less powder to start from the 130 gr load or would a few grains more to start let's say with CFE?

    What work up of starting loads? Suppose could call Hodgdons.
  4. lklawson

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    Lighter, shorter bullets typically get more powder than the heavier bullets for a given cartridge.

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    Kirk beat me to it. You can start with data from the heavyweights, just take longer to reach your potential. Never did this with a rifle, but work a similar scheme with light bullets in a 9mm