Loaded Gun Slips Through Airport Security

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  1. http://www.cnn.com/2008/US/01/23/airport.gun/index.html

  2. Boo. I hope he gets a sympathetic judge.

  3. AndrewST

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    What a bunch of idiots. Although the story doesn't say it I could only imagine this person has a concealed carry permit and was just used to wearing his firearm.

    Than after realizing he still had the damn thing on, did the right thing and went back. So they charge him with a misdemeanor for coming back?

    Hell he could have just continued on his way and no one would have known. At least he was able to point out the flaw in the system.
  4. My interpretation is that it went though the X-ray machine in one of his bags.... My belt buckle set of the metal detector last time I was at the airport. And my belt buckle is on the average/small size. I don't see how any firearm could get through a metal detector without setting it off.

    But the X-ray machines are prone to human error. The guy is sitting there for hours on end watching innumerable bags go by and looking at them, seeing what's in them. That has got to get boring after awhile. And the article says:

    Methinks that the person watching the X-ray machine is "the screener". Could be wrong though.
  5. Still the guy realized he made a mistake and came back to make it right and the pounced on him. Thats just wrong!
  6. Kinda like accidentally walking out of the store without paying for something, and when you go back in to pay you get arrested for shoplifting. So many people these days don't believe in "no harm, no foul".
  7. Joe Sixpack

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    pretty messed up imo.. the guy made a mistake, then came back to rectify the problem and gets punished..

    i dont see how they can do anything to him because coming back to report the mistake shows he had no criminal intention.

    or as they say no good deed goes unpunished.
  8. That's crap!!!! That guy should do something about getting shafted like that.
  9. ralphb72

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    Yea, I have to remember, if it ever happens to me, just turn around and leave and say nothing.
  10. I'd stand up....... grab my pockets in turn, say, "oh crap I forgot my keys!!!" and swiftly exit the terminal" And then do what I had to do to make it right.

    Hi tried to do the right thing and gets hosed - some judge / prosecutor ought to thank him, tell him to have a safe trip home.
  11. he is being hosed......
  12. Kelotravolski

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    this reminds me of the elementary school girl who accidentally took her dad's lunch to school with a steak knife in it and got arrested and expelled. So stupid. If they report it they did not mean to do anything wrong! there was no victim; where is the crime?! We are quickly on our way to oppression if not there already.
  13. See what happens to responsible to law-abiding citizens?