Loading Mag. w/Arthritic Hands

Discussion in 'General Hi-Point Discussion' started by Zeroturner, Jan 11, 2016.

  1. Zeroturner

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    Installing the last 4/5 rounds of 9mm into the magazine on my HP carbine is difficult as my hands are ever more painful with age.

    That said: My Glock 19 came with magazine loader that is immensely helpful. It makes loading a 15 round Glock magazine a breeze.

    Does HP make such a device or can recommend one I can buy like a Maglula or something similar?


  2. MadJack

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    The Maglula Uplula is your best choice. Quicker and easier, even with healthy hands. Should be a breeze (compared to loading by hand) with Arthritis. Slip it over the mag, squeeze, push down on table (or leg), drop the round in, release and repeat.

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  3. Zeroturner

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    sarahsmom & MadJack,

    Thank you, I had no idea the Uplula would work.

  4. Zeroturner

    Zeroturner Member

    Hhmmm, I just posted this on another thread, but I'll do so here too.

    I just ordered the Uplula.

    They're a little pricey, but at my age I've started to spend as I may not be around all that much longer, so why not? You can't take it with you.

    In the past 6 months I've bought a number of things I've always wanted, but just couldn't part with money as I've always been frugal. Which is part of the reason I have the money to spend now.

    The Uplula isn't exactly a luxury item, but a necessity if I plan to shoot much, which I do as I'm a member of a superb, private range.

    Without, I hope, not sounding like a braggadocio, my range is considered by the NRA to be one of if not the best range in the country.

    The only reason I'm not shooting today is the weather. Not because of the cold, but the rain.
  5. Rachgier

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    Brag away. Good ranges are always something to brag about. There's a thread around here all about bragging/complaining about ranges.

    The uplula is sort of a luxury item. I test for diabetes so my fingers are sore, so for me it is a luxury. Without it, I would just be more surly. I've got the Glock mag loader that came with my wife's G19 and she uses it as well, but the uplula is much more efficient, in my opinion. Especially when her 33rd stick mag needs to be fed.
  6. rickm

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    Like i said in other threads the uplala is the way to go i use mine on all my mags,single and double stacks from 380 all the way up to 45, even have one for my ar mags as well.
  7. TopGas

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    I bought myself an Uplula mag loader several years ago when they weren't quite so pricey. (I thought that they were pricey then, tho LOL). I have a small pouch that hangs on the outside of my range bag and is the perfect place for the Uplula. Like others have said, it's the one to have be it a luxury or a necessity! That being said, I'm very likely going to be ordering a pair of mag loaders from HiPoint here in the very near future. $12 for a pair of them (no tax, S&H included) seems worth it to me to give them a try. I also have an HKS #941 mag loader that I picked up in a "bargin bin" somewhere. It's made for double-stack mags and right now I don't have any firearms that use double-stack mags but I didn't pay much for it so I'll hang on to it for the time when I need a double-stack mag loader.

    RE: best ranges. I belong to local gun club that's private in the sense that membership is required to use the facilities BUT membership is open to anyone that pays the membership fee. ($25/yr for a standard family membership and $10/yr for those 62yrs of age or older.) The pistol and rifle ranges are covered and open year 'round. I'm pretty sure the NRA knows little of our existence (and that's fine with me). It would be nice if we had an indoor pistol range but I'm sure that maintaining such a facility would certainly drive up the membership fees. The range is <6 miles from my home and I can pretty much shoot anytime that I'd like! I don't know what the NRA's criteria are for the "best range" but I know ours ranks pretty high on my list!
  8. sarahsmom

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    $25 a yr for a family? All the ones I have looked at here are $75-100 a yr for an individual!

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    A Glock loader should work with a single stack mag. I cracked mine trying to load G27 mags full with a new +2 extension. Then I got the Maglula.
  10. desertrider

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    Amen, brother!

    I feel the same as you do. Genetics have left me with some physical impairments that I saw my father struggle with all of his senior life (OA in most joints, bad hip, severe astigmatism in eyes).

    In the last few years I've realized that having an Uplula and red dot optics weren't just a luxury, but in fact a necessity for me to continue to participate and actually enjoy shooting now that I've crested that fifty year old hill in my life.

    And like you, it was an adjustment to justify spending the money on shooting accessories. I'm not getting any younger, and I've earned the right to allow myself a few luxuries.
  11. tennoldkid

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    Get the Maglula, i have several loaders but its the best.
  12. undeRGRound

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    Yes, they are my favorite also!
  13. sarahsmom

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    I have the $12 Hi Point speedloader, and they work fine, but now I have Maglulas for all the calibers I have, and they are great. Except .25 acp, and if I can't load 6 of those in a Raven mag, I might as well hang it all up! :)