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  1. I'm tired of poking holes in my thumb. Anyone recommend a good loader for the 995 ten round mags?
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    if you have an AR15, their strip lula is great, too
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    Thanks guys you went and made me spend more money. I just ordered one of E bay.Well this old man needed one.
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  6. I've got the Uplula also. Makes it a lot easier. I'm gonna make an angled base for the mag to sit in while I load them. The angle of the mag is a little awkward for me but I sure like the loader.
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    I have used a mag loader for years on all semi-auto firearms. The mags will get easier to load with use and time. I can load the older mags without using it. But new mags, you bet, saves sore fingers and thumbs.
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    I've had mine for well over a year and it has been worth every cent I paid for it.
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    I love the maglula and uplula. 5.56 MagLula (top) really makes the AR loading a breeze. UpLula is great for pistol ammo, except it does not work well at all on my narrow double stack Beretta 96 mags (KelTec Sub2000) I had to buy the Beretta mag loader for those, fits the taper much better. It was darn cheap, too! It is also what I tried on the HP mags, worked great. But my HP mags are easier to load than the DS mags.

    SO I have 3 types of mag loaders, all work great.

    MAG-Lula, UP-Lula, and Beretta, in order:

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    That's the one I got, Hermy... but it was like $10 shipped from Midway iirc
  11. After just loading 2 brand new mags on my brand new 995 TS I'm glad I found this page. Just ordered the HKS model 451 loader shown above today. :)
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    Welcome to the zoo, Radar1. You DO realize that this thread is 6 years old, right. Still, glad the link works for you. Hope you're happy with the loader.
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  13. Yep, saw that it was 6 years old, but glad that it answered my question. :)
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    LET US KNOW how you like it, looks like a dandy!
  15. The HKS model 451 loader worked great!
    There's a tab at the bottom that adjusts to the height of your particular single stack magazine that provides a place for your magazine to rest as you push down on rounds from above. Adjust and lock that tab into the slot of the 451 and then you can slide your empty magazine in there.
    It will take slightly longer or shorter mags than the 10 round. You can adjust the slide to hold a magazine up to 1" longer than our 10 round, or 2" shorter, so it should work with the 8 round pistol mag also. As you press the thumb handle, the top round is pushed down the magazine far enough to insert the next round partway. Release the handle, push the round back, and then repeat until the magazine is full.

    No more sore fingers!

    Top picture is before the top bullet gets pushed down.


    Bottom picture shows the top round pushed down and ready to slide the next one on top. Once you slide it in, release the thumb operated handle, and push the round back the rest of the way.
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