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Local Farm Store Is Selling MoraKniv(s)

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Needed to get some premixed fuel for my small engine equipment and when I walked in store I looked at some ammo they had in the display cabinet and on top they had some MoraKniv'. Hear good things about this brand and looked at some on Amazon, but couldn't see myself getting some without holding one in my hand to really check the make out until today.

I really liked the feel. It is the "Companion" model which I see as a decent length of 4-5" skinning, hunting and what I would call a boot knife. It is a 2-tone green/black handle with a plastic sleeve in ODG to match the green handle that is more rubbery texture and not plastic feeling.

The blade is stainless, but not the fillet type flex blade, but more a fixed blade thickness.

Very sharp right out of the sleeve.

I got for $19.95 which I think is a decent deal considering I could check out immediately of whether I liked or not and no shipping/return fees if I had to order online.

Will pickup a few more, to add to my knife collection of fixed/folding blade Bucks, Gerbers and others.
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$20 is $4-6 high, but you can feel good about supporting your local business.

The Mora are good knives, not full tang in that model, but well built. I have 4 or 5, in vehicle door pockets or tool boxes.👍
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