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    I guess this would be the best place to post this as I could not think of a better one. anyway I was wondering if anyone had a link that allowed them to look up local classifieds of people selling guns where you could come up FTF and avoid all sorts of nasty dealer fees and shipping and waiting and internet stuff all together. I think that this would be a great idea. It would also help with networking. Gun enthusiasts could meet with other gun enthusiasts and trade/sell their gear. (crap a radio word slipped in is that a word that gun people use? gear?) so anyone know of such a thing?
  2. Hi, I do not know of such a "place".

    Most places (Craig's list/Ebay) do not allow the posting of firearms or related material.

    If you are planning on buying FTF from anybody, pls make sure that you are complying with your local laws & regulations, for example, in my county you need a permit from the sheriff to buy a handgun and if you "trade" on one (handgun), you should demand to see one (a permit) before money changes hands.

    It doesn't pay to get into serious trouble just to save a few bucks.

    Good luck with your search.

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    You can try backpage.com it is like craigslist and has firearms stuff in the sporting goods section. The Phoenix one stays pretty busy.
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    Check Craigslist early in the AM before the listings get flagged.
    I have found some good stuff there.
  5. Craigs List wont even let me sell ammo on there and its leagle to buy it anywhere.
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    The laws are pretty lax as far as I can tell where I am. You can even open carry, not that I would but you can.

    I hate how most of the internet sites have decided not to carry or advertise guns. It is so hard to even get a gun price online
  7. Im in Colorado and its pretty cool here about the open carry law in the 7 months I have been out here I have yet to see anyone other than my self and my wife open carry. You would think in such a lax open state that more people would open carry.