Lock back spring and rear pin

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    I just did a complete disassembly of my new c9 and have two questions. Under the left grip is the blue spring. Does the top of the spring hook from the back or front. Can anyone send me a picture. Also, a huge concern is if I wear out the plastic hole from pounding out the rear takedown pi time after time , will HP replace the frame under warranty
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    Yes, they will. But if you do that, you are really, really trying too hard.:p

    First...you just don't need to take the gun apart that much. This isn't a military weapon, it doesn't field strip, and it doesn't need to be cleaned with a toothbrush after every range session. Manual says brush the bore after 300-400 rounds, disassemble every 1500-2000 rounds.

    Second, use the right size tool, and you shouldn't damage the hole.;)

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    It goes to just how few people bother to read the information that comes with thier guns. ( which probably has some correlation to the amount of newb problems).