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    I bought a 995 recently and just put on the ATI digital stock. I've searched this forum and it seems that some 995's will lock back after the last round in the mag. Mine does not. Is there any mod that can make the bolt lock back after the last round?
  2. I would like to have an answer to that one too...
    I recently bought a 995 and there is no lock back feature, from what i have been told on this forum 995's DO NOT lock back. On the other hand the 4095's do...why wouldn't a company make it even across the board? The C9 handgun I own locks back...so why couldn't they add that to the 995? :roll:

  3. For whatever reason, the 995 carbine does not have the last round lockback, and the 4095 does.

    There are plans to introduce future 995's that do have the lockback, but the older carbines will not be able to be uptated to this feature

    This is what was said on the other forum before it died on us

    hope this helps
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    Yes, sadly, this does help. Thanks for the info!
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    Dont feel bad, the hold open feature on the 4095 isnt the best design in the world anyway, I would have rather not had it on mine.
  6. I like it cause you can keep a mag in the carbine, but not have a round chambered... and if something goes bump in the night it's relatively easy to simply slam the bolt forward. However, most of my friends don't know how to do it unless I show them, so it decreases the chances of them getting their hands on a "functional" firearm, as it won't shoot if you can't get the bolt to work lol.
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    There's no AUTOMATIC (read: last round) lock back... But your operating bolt can be slid down to hold the bolt open. You just have to do it by hand.
  8. That exact method has been suggested for the saiga 12 gauge shotgun

    I locked my bolt back on it, and let it drop down on the butt from about three inches in the air onto carpet and the bolt slammed forward.

    I thought to myself, too much chance of an accidental discharge for my blood.

    I will stay with the mag loaded safety off on my weapons and me having to pull the charging handle to load it

    Just my personal preference of course
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    The Waltham method is the same one I use for both my AK and HP. Glad to know I'm not the only one that does it.
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    I agree on the Waltham method. Racking the slide doesn't take that much time and is a lot safer
  11. Thayldt21

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    Mine works excellent. And I am very happy to have it.

    Makes reloading that much easier, and faster.

    However one more for the waltham method.

    I leave the carbine laoded chamber empty saftey off. simple easy.

    I leave the mag laoded on the XD chamber empty. My hand and finger are the safety.

    The C-9 is the same as carbine.

    Shot gun 7 in the tube nothing in the chamber saftey off.

    Just simple this way for bump in the night.
  12. Hey Waltham,
    you just had a method named after you! You're moving up buddy! :p
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    I recently bought two C9's. One locks back after last round and the other one wont lock back at all. Did they make the C9 without that feature with earlier C9's?
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  15. Wow, when I first bought mine and noticed that the bolt didnt stay open I thought I was having problems. I fixed it though. I went to my local harware store. Bought a spring just big enough to fit over the bolt. Cut it down and placed it between the bolt head and the handle thingy. Its crude, but it holds it open 90% of the time after empty.
  16. Ari

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    Not that I know of, have you swapped mags between weapons? To make sure it was not the mag? I would then call Hi-Point about this problem
  17. Im almost 50, bout time I got my 5 minutes of fame ;)

    Thanks TexasD ! :)
  18. jason I sent it in for a refresh after I got it from you, and they replaced that steel plate on the left side on the inside, it was slightly bent, and the piece that it had rubbed against and put a big gouge in, and it works like a champ. Have not had one single bit of trouble out of it.

    It is one of my favorite rifles in fact.
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    dang, wish mine had a lockback, lol. mines an older 995
  20. 995 does not have a last round lockback, only the 4095