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  1. How safe are the Hi Point pistols to carry in a holster locked & loaded (safety on with a round in the chamber)? Hi Point advises against it on their website.
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    Because of the design of the gun, it is NOT safe to carry with one in the pipe. Too much chance of an accidental discharge.

  3. +1, Mav's right - there's been talk of the manual safety moving upon insertion into holster, etc. And, unlike a Kel-Tec, the trigger on the C-9 is much easier to pull. Some folks probably do, but I think our input is there may be some better choices.

    As for the "reco" in the instructions - many will make that same reco for liability reasons alone. Good to ask the question and get input - like this, and that which will follow here.
  4. That would be a bit hard to do as a ccw.
    just a question
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    I practice chambering a round as part of the draw from concealment and its fast.I've been carrying for yrs. and only drew once so for me the threat level vs ad risk isnt worth it.Also when I started practicing at first I was o.c.d. about keeping my finger off the trigger untill target aquisition so now good habits are part of my muscle memory.
  6. I've never had a problem with the safety and I never carry any gun without one in the chamber.
  7. I trust my safety. In the car i always have 9 in the clip, and 1 in the hole.
    never had a problem with the safety coming off.
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    I myself do NOT carry one in the chamber, mainly out of the very concerns of the design of the weapon.

    I usually drive motorbikes, and with the constant vibration, to me it just seems like tempting fate to keep a round "live" with all that vibration and movement.
  9. I have a full mag in my Hi Points, but do not carry one in the chamber. I just dont want to take the risk of an accidential discharge and if there is not one in the chamber it cannot happen

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    I carry with it locked and loaded it is very safe. Safer then even a Glock. If you are afraid to carry it lock and loaded then NEVER carry ANY other firearm the same way!
  11. I dont. From the shotguns to the AK's to any other types I have. Full mag loaded, yes, one in the chamber, no. Just a personal preference.
  12. I do not CC my C9 because I have smaller guns to carry, but it does spend a LOT of time in the console of my Jeep Grand Cherokee or in the GHB pack. When I carry it in the pack or vehicle it does not have one in the chamber but the mag is loaded and inserted in the pistol.

    I did carry the C9 in my Jeep Wrangler's glove box for about a year, again without one in the chamber. Wranglers are extremely rough riding vehicles and when you get off a paved road they are even rougher. I made a point of checking the C9 regulary just to see if the striker was still in the cocked position and never found that it had "fired" due to vehicle vibration.

    I have taken the C9 out while fishing or small game hunting and always carry one in the chamber. Never had an issue with the safety either, so I am confident in being able to safely carry the C9 with one in the chamber and safety on.

  13. I believe, if you ever have to use your CCW, the fraction of a second can mean the difference between life and death. So like the Boy Scouts say, be prepared. On the other hand, I do understand the argument about a vehicle with alot of vibration.
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    It would be one in the tube for me with constant training on how to disengage the safety during speed drills. Making sure your safety is engaging properly and staying there is a major concern on a single action striker fired pistol. Any doubts about the safety give Hi-Point a call, they will fix it up asap.
  15. Mine are always with full mags, but never have one in the pipe ready to fly. I may lose a fraction of a second but I'm comfortable with that. With kids and their friends around I'll take that time to look at the situation. Plus hearing the slide go to battery will let them know that things just went critical.
  16. I leave all of my weapons on fire with no round in the chamber and mags full.
    Just takes a sec to rack the slide or cycle the bolt and be ready to fire. Some weapons have great safetys and some not so great.

    I like to be able to do the same procedure on any weapon I pick up, that way I always know what to do to be ready to fire, no matter what weapon I pick up.
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    I carried locked and loaded safty on in Iraq, But so did everyone else.

    Personaly I do not cary locked and loaded at home.

    I have however "sence last time this idea was brought up on old forum" Talked to many PD ofiicers and found that acually a vast majority carry locked and loaded.

    But the ones I know personaly do not.

    I was told it had more to do with how they train. Also one said somethin about one hand already holdiing flash light would make it dificult to rack a slide.

    He also mentioned being in the middle of a radio call.

    Very strong points he has made.

    But at home I have time to rack a slide and grab a light as I exit my bed or what ever. Plus don't need a neglagent fire for any reason.

    Mabey when I get My CCW as my perviouse carry experiance was locked and loaded, and I was trained to do so. Till then.
  18. My LEO buddies always carry locked and loaded. They say police officers are trained that way for the most part. I don't carry a round chambered, but I feel confident doing so. I've carried my c-9 all over the place and though it hasn't had a round chamberd, the safety hasn't slid to the off position yet. I'm keeeping any eye on it tho. I don't draw with with finger on the trigger either. The trigger finger doesn't enter the trigger gaurd until I bring the weapon up.
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    Wow, Im a bit surprised by some of the responses in this thread. I always figured the point of CCW was to have it ready to go when the moment strikes...