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    Been looking into getting a long range gun to start shooting a little farther out. Thinking about a 308, 30-06, 762. From wat I've read the 30-06 is a little better but ammo is a lot more pricy. Any one own the 2 rifles and favor one? Also is it true the 308 can shoot the 762s?
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    Are you just gonna target shoot long distances or are you planning on hunting at long distances?

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    not only would listening to some of the guys here that are familiar with longer range stuff be smart, but, spend plenty of time then researching any options online as well, manufacturer warranties, availability and cost of ammo and repairs, accesories and legality of accesories......all the things that most people forget/dont bother with when making a firearms purchase.

    cant offer opinions myself, as my only long range gun was a Mosin Nagant, which is a great option btw, but i have no experience with any of the choices you listed.
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    Mostly target but I'd like to get into hunting so trying to get something I won't grow out of
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    Yes, the .308 is 7.62x51mm. I have owned both calibers and find that either is more than enough to take down anything in North America. I've taken elk, moose, deer, and bear with both. The 30-06 is a more powerful round and has a flatter trajectory, BUT the .308 is more than enough to get you out to 800-1,000m and still be lethal.

    To me the .308 is to the 30-06 what the .40 S&W is to the 10mm. Same diameter projectile, shorter case, and capable of producing the same ballistic results with modern components. Given today's powders, the .30-06 has definite advantages in distance and energy over the .308 for any given weight of bullet. However, these advantages are only realized in the extreme, and for most hunters and target shooters applications, there's very little difference in performance.

    Ammo prices and availability are based on AO. We have had 30-06 and .308 filling the shelves during the panics when all the other ammunition was gone. I really can't speak to price difference as I started reloading middle of the year last year and have since stockpiled around 6,000+ rounds in various calibers. The last I checked locally both 30-06 and .308 were around $1.25-$1.50 a round, which is probably why we always had plenty of it hanging out on the shelves here...

    For me, the readily available "free" brass, lower cost of components, and the fact that if it really came down to it I could get ammo from just about every cop I know, is why I went with the .308.
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    "shooting a little farther out" has different meanings to different people. ;)
    What distances are you looking to shoot? A .308 ( 7.62x51 ) will get you out to 1000m if you do your part. Heck, the 7.62x54R will also get you out to 1000m if you do your part as well. If you want to go well beyond 1000m look into the 338 Lapua, 300 Win Mag or a 50 BMG.

    Just my opinion.

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    Looking for around a 1000yrd gun only reason I picked the calibers is because I found a cheap bolt action in those rounds
  8. talon

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    Cheap doesn't always equal good.
  9. FlashBang

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    If you are looking for a 1000yrd rifle at a reasonable price and good performance, you may want to look at the Remington 700 SPS Tactical with threaded barrel. It will more then fill the bill for what you want and will also let you suppress it if you decide to later on. I have one and it is a very good distance shooter using the Nikon M308 BDC glass on it.

  10. Rachgier

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    Plan on spending some money on it, if you really start getting in to it. It doesn't hurt to find a cheap (read as "a good deal") on a rifle to get yourself started, just try to make sure it's not a beater.
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    "Cheap" and "1000 yard gun" aren't usually used in the same sentence if you're looking for accuracy. I'm not just talking about the rifle, you also have to consider glass, rings, and scope base. Some people even go so far as to invest in specialty stocks.

    Do you have access to a 1000 yard range? Also, expect to practice a lot, and good ammo ain't cheap. Once you get a decent scope, expect to spend some money on a good spotting scope also, how else will you see what you're hitting at that distance? I'm not trying to turn you off, but definitely think of the expense involved if you actually intend to use your long range rifle, as opposed to just keeping it as a safe queen.

    Don't get me wrong, it isn't necessary to spend a fortune, but if you want to hit consistently on target, you'll need to spend some cash.

    I've owned a few long range rifles over the years, but am down to just one right now. 7.62x51/.308 is a good choice, so is .300 winmag.

    All that being said, there are milsurps out there like Mosin Nagants, Mausers, and probably some others that can be tuned to shoot pretty well, and for commercial rifles I really like Savage if you're trying to work within a tight budget. I had a matching pair of Savage 10FP's, one in .308 and the other in .300 winmag. Currently I've got a custom built AR10 in
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    Ya not planning on shooting 1000 yards anytime soon but like I said I want something I won't grow out of. Any one no if the mossberg 100 is any good
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    so what sort of range have you been shooting at? 1000yds is the sort of range that very few have any real purpose for and finding the sort of place where you can even come close to that is not easy either unless you live out west somewhere.
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    Right now I only got a spot about 150 yards but that doesn't mean I won't get some land and shoot farther out, not saying I'll ever be shooting 1000yrds but that's like saying why have 4x4 and mud tires on a street vehicle
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    I understand.
    You can shoot 300+ with irons, (generally)
    500+ with an "inexpensive" scope, and
    1000+ with the excellent ammo and a very good scope.

    You want one rifle that will fill all these needs. Smart, IMO!
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    NE Utah
    Just so you know...pretty much ALL .30 caliber US guns are 7.62 X something. So when you say 7.62...it means nothing without the X25 (Tokarev) or X39 (AK and SKS), X51 (.308), X54R (Mosin and PSL type), X63 (30-06), or X67 (.300 WinMag).

    The Mossberg ATR is good, but they are not as well liked as some, even though they have the adjustable trigger. The Savage Axis at the $300 price point is rated better, and the Savage with the Accutrigger is better again.

    There's also the Ruger American in that price range, the Stevens 200 (actually a Savage that isn't the Axis), and the Marlin X7 series, all of which make people happy.

    The really big difference between the .308 and the 30-06 is the fact that the .308 is a short action, while the 30-06 is long action. Meaning theoretically, the .308 gun tends to be slightly lighter, and possibly faster to cycle.
  18. USMC_VET

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    my Savage Axis .308 and was set up for targets up to 1k yrds

    timney adjustable trigger set at 2lbs pull

    Witt Machine muzzle brake

    Boyds Laminate stock

    6-24x50 scope w/20MOA base on the rifle currently or 0MOA base depends on what range i'm shooting at

    Caldwell 6-9 bipod (same as a Harris Bipod)

    Caldwell shooting bags

    rear mono pod for prone position shooting

    will soon be changing over to an aftermarket fluted heavy barrel and fluted bolt

    custom made 10 rd box mag


    currently using Winchester Super X 180 grain soft point .308 ammo

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