Longshot Accessories ...

Discussion in 'Consumer Reviews' started by huckleberg, Dec 4, 2017.

  1. Just wanted to post some mad props for Jerry and LongShot Carbine accessories.

    I ordered the Charging Handle with barrel-shaped delrin and neoprene rings. (Of note, the shank of my stock charging handle was bent just above the threads). It makes a lot of difference in working the action since I have limited use of my left hand. They make an even bigger one but the one I got helps a ton.

    Also ordered five of the Magazine Bumpers; these make all the difference in the world when seating the magazines, and the price declines the more you order - they are pricey for one but if you get five like me they end up being 28.95 for 5 shipped (shipping is waived if you order >= $75).

    Got the magazine release button but haven't installed yet, it looks to be high quality delrin (I really like delrin :cool:).

    I don't know Jerry but he chatted with me and gave me great pre-sales support so I cannot recommend his stuff enough!