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    Anyone use these? I have both the 995TS and 4095TS. The mags on the 4095TS have a different bottom plate than the 995TS (I like the 4095TS base plate much better personally). I bought one of these bumpers for each 995TS mag I have and so far they're doing the job I was hoping for i.e. making it easier to insert/remove the mag from the grip. But I don't have long term experience with them yet. Anyone else use them and if so, how long and how are they holding up?

    Thanks. :)
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    Its not like they are a moving part or see any kind of wear and tear. Unless your throwing your mags down onto the ground, id imagine they should last the life of the magazine and then well into forever.
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    So far I'm liking them and that's my hope for long term usability. Thanks.
  4. Sep,

    I just received the LongShot Bumpers for my 995TS Hi-Point factory magazines. The instructions say to drill pilot holes in the bottom of the factory magazines for the Bumper attachment screws. Is there any problem with getting drill shavings into the magazine when drilling? Did you have to disassemble the magazines after drilling the pilot holes to get the shavings out?

    Thanks for your insight.
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    Sep hasn't been around since February.

    As far as the drill shavings go, use an air gun on a compressor to blow them out if you don't want to disassemble. I personally wouldn't drill on the floor plate of a mag while it was assembled, but that's just me. The mags come apart so easily, it's really a non-issue.
  6. Thanks for the compressed air suggestion, Rachgier. I have looked for 995TS magazine disassembly instructions but have not been succesful in finding anything for the 9mm. Can you point me in the right direction?
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    10 rounders with the plastic floor plate/battery pack? Butter knife between the metal and plastic with a light twist using your thumb along the spine to apply gentle downward pressure on the plastic piece so the tabs don't pop back in to place when you switch from one side to the other.

  8. Actually, it’s this one:


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    Same process. 2 plastic tabs in 2 metal slots. Follow Rach's instructions.
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    I drilled mine slowly with the magazine together. There weren't any shavings, just a long piece of plastic that came out when I reversed the drill.
  11. Thanks ike.