Look at my new .38 snubby

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  1. Here are some pictures of new Charter Arms .38sp snubby. It's my warm weather CCW.




  2. Ari

    Ari Guest

    You got a little bigger photo? My eyes suck :lol:

  3. At the moment, no. The only digital camera I have working is the one on the cell phone, so the quality sucks. Also, getting the photos off the cell phone onto the computer with the hardware I have now sucks.

    If I can find some AA batteries, I think I can get some photos online.

    Stay tuned.
  4. elguapo

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    Seeing Charter Arms in the same booth as Hi-Point, I got to fondle all the CA stuff: I AM getting a model 73840 for a BUG!
  5. Ari

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    I have always thought about getting a bulldog
  6. Okay, lemmee try again.....





    In honor of Primal, the picture of the empty battery pack that enabled me to put these pictures up in a size people could see....


  7. Alright, Loopster has now been put on a 3 week timeout for intentional aggravation of an Administrator......


    Honestly thought, I will be buying more than one Charter revolvers in the near future. Seeing those guns for the first time at the Shot Show, and having the owner of the company give me a personal tour through his product line really did it for me. I am still not a big fan of wheel guns, but these are very well made pistols, and my collection isn't complete without one, or 5....
  8. gaowlpoop

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    I have been carrying one of them for a while. I prefer a Stoger 8000 9MM but it is hard to conceal, especially in the summer. Also, 15 rounds sounds better then 5 to me but all in all, it is much better to have the Charter Arms then nothing at all.
  9. Maybe you can find a hammerless titanium model!
  10. ....... they sell titanium hammerless revolvers????? WOW!!!!
  11. Gotta love a .38 snubby. Thats a nice looking wheel gun.
  12. JohnnyD

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    New .38

    Great looking carry gun....great pics !!!!

  13. Ari

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    Is that gun current production? Or is that something from their old line up?
  14. Thats a good looking snubbie. I love mine
  15. didn't (doesn't) hi point own charter?
  16. MKS markets charter now. This revolver is an older one from the original Charter Arms Company, before they got in trouble the first time.
  17. unclerob

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    Loopster, that is a mighty handsome gun!
    Welcome to the Snub Club.
    Love mine! It's my main carry.
  18. neothespian

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    Owned by Hi-Point?? Really??

    I've always thought that .38 snubs had a "sexy" feel. It's the classic sidearm of the mid century anti-heros. Every detective, undercover cop, gritty pimp or cabbie in the 30's to the 60's in the movies seemed to carry a snubnose. Shot from the hip and always ready for action, there's something very "Working class hero" about them.

    So, what's the price on one of these?
  19. Charter Arms IS NOT owned by Hi-Point. Hi-Point firearms and Charter Arms are separate companies marketed by the same company, the great folks at MKS Supply. At the Shot Show, I met the Owner of Charter Arms, and what a great guy he is!!!! I also met 99% of the MKS team, except for the beloved secretary.... Wish she'd have been there, for real, cuz these guys absolutley ROCKED THE HOUSE! Great people, great products, and great service. Where can you go wrong?
  20. aaahhh. so hi point and charter arms don't market their own products?
    they go thru a "middle man" as it were?