Look for a fun rifle.

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    My girlfriend is about to graduate from college and I want to buy her a fun rifle to shoot as a present.

    Looking to spend between $200 and $300 for a fun used rifle.

    Just looking for some suggestions for what I might find out a gun show (Normally only look at pistols) and what would be a fun gun to shoot.

    She already owns a M44 so another one of them is a no..

    Any other help would be amazing.

  2. unclerob

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    Ruger 10/22?
    Fun, cheap ammo and LOTS of goodies available for it.
    Very dependable, low maintenance and high resale (for those that ever part with them).

  3. 10/22

    I have a feeling in 5 years, it will be the only affordable to shoot gun.
  4. I also suggest the Ruger 10/22 but would also add to that a Glenfield/Marlin Model 60. They may not have the add on goodies the Ruger does but they are every bit as reliable and accurate and normally half the cost. :)
  5. pjm204

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    Let's see...Kel-Tec Sub-2000

    I would have to agree with the 10/22, I have no idea how many thousand rounds I have through my 10/22 and it is still shooting great.
  6. Ari

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    What forum is this? :shock: What is wrong with a 995 carbine? :D It is in that price range fun to shoot and ammo is not bad price. 8)
  7. I know this is the OTHER GUN FORUM, but really! 995!!
  8. 47_MasoN_47

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    The 10/22 is a great little rifle, I don't have one yet but I've shot em plenty. Really fun to shoot, especially if you have a 50rnd magazine!

    If she likes something that lets her know it's being shot a little more than a .22 I'd say the 995. My girl likes the 995 anyway, and she's mostly a .22 fan.
  9. I'd have to say a 995 all the way. With your price range what it is, you'll be able to stay within that budget no problem and get a few boxes of ammo to go break it in with.
  10. I love mine but its a jamomatic. Well mine is a 70 but the same receiver.

    My buddy has one and his jams just like mine.

    The Marlin jam is a known issue with these model guns. Thats why I wouldn't recommend one of those to someone else.

    Of course some people will never have a problem however I have seen a lot of complaints about their 22s jamming on the marlinowners forum.
  11. jason865

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    I would have to go with the 10/22 as well. They are fun to shoot, have tons of goodies for them, have cheap ammo, are incredibly accurate, and have very nice build quality. Carbines are cool and all, but I wouldnt take two 995's for my 10/22.
  12. urotu

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    Get to the gun store and start shopping. I was on the hunt for a 10/22 or something similar and found an older (pre 1960 I would guess) JC Higgins Model 30. It's a semi auto, tube fed .22, and man is it a hoot to shoot. It's been flawless except for a few FTFire, but I think those were ammo related. The rounds had good dents in them, just didn't go off. It's in damn good shape and cost me about $100, gun sock included.

    I see multiple used .22's for under $200, in great shape everytime I go to my local gunshop. Some bolt action, some semi-auto, some lever action, but there is almost always something interesting. You just never know what you migt find if you start looking.

    I like the 10/22's reliability, and it's ability to be customized well enough, but I have an AK for all that. I just wanted a fun little plinker, and that Higgins filled that niche very nicely.

    ike I said, hit the gun stores and pawn shops, something nice will catch your eye.
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  14. cd

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    some type of lever gun, some of the most fun I have shooting them.
  15. ok my turn, first is the hi point carbine. but if you want something cheaper to shoot the marlin 60 is great. I dont know what they are talking about the jammomatic I have had mine since 1974 and it sure doesnt jam on me. you already said she has a mn 1944 so that is all the best ones I like
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    Find a decent used SKS for that price. Shop around, and beware how places will try to jack up the prices, esp if she goes shopping alone. Be there, know what you are looking at, and set the tone. She can as well, if she does some research on them, or any firearm. This forum here, pretty much has it , when it comes down to real experiences. We all speak from experience, not from the internet.
    Good luck!
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    Well thats why I posted here instead of a regular run of the mill gun forum.

    I own a HP 45 and have posted a couple times but I really love the incite of this forum.

    No when it comes to her not shopping alone I wouldnt be of any help.. She knows WAY more then I do when it comes to guns but her selections are always up around the $1000 price. Therefore I was looking for something little cheaper that would last and she could have a lot of fun with.

    Thanks for all the suggestions.
  19. here is couple of cheap 22 i'm thinking to get.

    Henry US survival .22

    Savage 64F

    Marlin 795

    i'm also thinking to get a 22 pistol to go with it.