Look what I found in my house...

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  1. I just finished working out, and turn the tv on just in time for the Hopkins fight. I head to the bathroom, and froze in my tracks. Why? I look down and see a lizard at the entrance to my bathroom :eek: . Yep, a real live 4 inch lizard. I live in NC, the western end of the state, and have seen many types of bugs, but not a freakin lizard, which was just staring at me. I had no ideal what to do, and immediately grab my broom and chase this "Baby Godzilla" around my house for the next few minutes, and this thing was moving pretty fast. I finally catch it, bag it, then box it. It's raining tonight, and I'm puzzled how and the hell did a lizard get in my house, and where did it come from?? I don't live in an apartment, and I've never seen them around my house.
  2. You were going to the bathroom, and you saw a "lizard".....

    Better check your fly.... :lol: :lol: :lol:

  3. lol... this was before i unzipped and let loose the monster.. :D

    seriously, "baby godzilla" was right there staring at me, and i think we were both surprised.... i know i was.. never would have expected a lizard in my house, or even around my house. my best guess it was probably neighbor's pet...
  4. Did it have a blue tail? We have those here in KY. There hard to find but they are cool when you see one.
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    I'd be nice to the lil feller and let him loose outside, they are cold blooded and regulate their body temperature... not sure how the bag and box is treating him. I think the little lizards get into a residence through ground level openings. I have personally seen a small lizard come into my grandmother's house when my aunt came through. It only takes 1/2 a second for those lil fellers to scoot across a threshold. He's luck my aunt didn't see him, as she felt "icky" about reptilian creatures.

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    Save the little fella let him loose outside as they eat all sorts of bugs :)
  7. i did release him outside....
  8. doh!

    where exactly in nc are you from?
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  10. western nc.. rowan county..
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    See, in groups we "stupid" hi point owners can get things done!
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    That lil feller looks pretty darn cool, with his racing strips and all. :lol:
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    Get those all the time in Arizona. They're harmless and generally are clean little creatures. Never agressive ( I mean, they're 4 inches long!! What the HELL is it going to do without a stinger or teeth?), and I think they're kinda cute!
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    I see you're cold blooded reptile and raise you a warm-blooded marsupial!
    My sis's poodle was making a ton of noise outside about 3am. Opening the back door reveals the poodle attacking what looks like a small black puppy, after being yelled at to stop she drops it and it crawls into a clump grass.

    after searching for about 30mins I go wake up my lab and within seconds shes got a baby opossum by the scruff of the neck.


    We've been trapping the adults w/ have-a-heart traps and releasing them a few miles away in the dunes. This one was too young to do that w/ so a call to the game warden put us in touch w/ a wild game rehabilitator. I have to admit Since we've trapped a few they arent as nasty as I thought they were, they just relax in the trap until I open the gate then mosey on their way. And after warming this one up in a towel i actually think they are pretty cool.

    The person we dropped the critter off to said on the forms they name the animal after the rescuer and begins to write my name. "well ma'am you're gonna have to put my dogs name there instead cause she's the one who found it"

    Of course some idiot drives up while Im loading a trap w/ an adult into the back of my truck "KILL THAT DIRTY &$^#*" So I turn to him "You Dumb SOB why the hell would I go through the trouble of using a humane trap just to kill it? Get the hell outta here before I set it loose after you!"

    I could have started another thread but I figure this ones already dealing w/ encounters w/ strange critters.
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    We have a "critter wrongler" hee in my county that comes out and gets them and rehabs them all the time. But the 11 foot long rattler he didn't get the C9 got his arse.