lookin for a good (cheap) 12GA

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    i am looking for suggestions on a new 12ga shotty. i would like to spend around $250. not looking for anything special. Shoot a little trap, maybe a duck or two. something to maybe sweep the house with when something goes bump in the night.

    any suggestions? better yet, anything for sale?
  2. I sent you a message I have my one of my 12 guage pump shot guns for sale.

  3. Maverick

    The Maverick 88 goes for around $170 at Wal Mart. Maverick is made my Mossberg, so you can use the Accu-Choke's, they have a couple available barrels.
    Just my two cents!
  4. Here is the link to where my Remington is.For those looking for that "one shotgun to do it all," you'd be hard pressed to find a more affordable all-purpose option. Capable of digesting 2 3/4, 3, and 3 1/2-inch 12-gauge shells without a hiccup, the Model 870 Express.
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    Re: Maverick

    Good lookin out.

    I honestly did not know they were made by same manufacture. And nice to know about choke. But still can't get one.

    Wife and all. :cry:
  6. I still can't believe that I got my Maverick for $50.00.... That's the gun that I got just cuz it was cheap and available. I really want to make it "Tacti-cool" in the future.... Just don't know where to start...
  7. If anyone is interested in my gun my e-mail address is [email protected] I check it often
  8. sorry rcd already got 1 and would recommend it. mine gets heavily used and never a hickup.
  9. Mossberg 500 is a good pump shotgun and can be got at a decent price. Plenty of accessories out for it too.
  10. duker_sponk

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    +1 on the Maverick 88 or the Mossberg 500. Either are excellent buys.
  11. Uraijit

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    +1 on the Remington 870. That price is a good deal for the 870, I'd recommend it.
  12. Ridge

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    Check out local gunshows...I was offered a tactical 12ga shotgun with pistol grip, no stock, short barrel and hand strap on the pump action for $279 + tax, which woulda brought it to $300 even...
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    That looks like my mberg persuader.18 in bl,chambers 2.5,3in,came with full stock and a pistol grip stock in the box,7+1cap,same price.Lotsa aftermarket out there for em.
  14. Ridge

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