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Looking at a used Mini-14

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I figure it is an inexpensive way into .223 caliber. Price asking is $499. It is stainless steel and an older model as it doesn't have the newer sights or scope mounting.

Any thoughts on price, pros and cons, things to watch out for?
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Thanksfor the input guys. I haven't seen any Saigas in that price around me. All new. :cry2: They are higher than used SKSs even for that matter that I have seen. MaybeI can get them to drop the Mini to $299 ?
offer 350 and if he refuses walk away. thats all its worth.

Stainless version make any difference?
Walmart had a new Mini 14 in blue for $627 tonight when I dropped by to see what ammo they had. ^-^
No, it only has the 5 round with it. Local GS was showing the 20 and 30 rd Ruger mags fora decent price though.
I paid 550 for mine used with 3 factory 5rd and 4 very unreliable 30 rd mags. Do yourself a favor and only get the factory 20 rd mags, spendy but worth it.
Are the 30 rd Ruger mags?
1 - 6 of 20 Posts
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