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  1. I am thinking about getting into some tactial long range shooting.

    Here is what I was thinking could throw some lead in the right direction.


    Chambered in .308win

    prolly good out to 1000yds. should be able to go 500-600 with out much problem.
  2. That would definately get it done. With a bull barrel and a 1 in 10" twist, you're good to go. At that point, it's all down to optics, and optics are everything when you're shooting long distances like 1000 yards.

  3. Ari

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    Yes they are a heck of a rifle! They guy in charge of the high power rifle matches here is on team Savage. They gave him one for his team gun. it shoots very very tight! The trigger is really something!! I would buy that in a heat beat.
  4. Jarhead1775

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    I will swear by Savage just like I do Hi-Point. My savage 112 will shoot 1/2" five round groups all day. Yes mine is customized a little. I installed a Timney trigger and a Choate Ultimate Sniper Stock. I recommend these upgrades to anyone. The Stock is heavy but very stable. I am into this rifle with everything you see for $545.00. The trigger is awesome and I will be buying another one for my Ruger. My savage outshoots the old-timer's (my mentor) Kimber .223 and his Remington PSS in .223. He went out and bought a Savage-Stevens .223 for his woods gun. I would buy another Savage in a heartbeat and I recommend them to all. You will not be disappointed if you get one. You will get into reloading though. Following is pics of my Savage and sorry about Chesty the Bulldog. He wasn't moving.
  5. That's a nice rifle and a heck of a good price you have in it, that's even for optics? wow. I love the savage accutrigger though, but the other mods you've made are very nice.
  6. Jarhead1775

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    The Timney Trigger was 65.00 at Midway.
    The Scope is a Simmons 6.5-20x 50mm $99.99 at Midway.
    The Stock was 144.95 From Combatstocks.
    The rifle was purchased used for $200.00.
    The millet rings were $34.99 at Gander Mountain.

    This Savage was made before the Accutrigger came out. This timney breaks at 21oz. And I just sold the old stock on ebay for $41.00. So I am really into this rifle for $504.00.

    I forgot the Harris Bi-pod. Free from one of my workers who had it mounted on a 1938 Turkish Mauser which he is putting up for sale.
  7. Ari

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    The Accutrigger is really something!
  8. Jarhead, beautiful gun and cool looking bulldog! That looks like a really nice rifle.
  9. Yeah I was looking into a leapould Mark IV. They are about the same price as the rifle though. Already getting into reloading for my pistol rounds so rife is no big deal just some dies. With alot of reading lol.
  10. No worries about that either Stryker, when you're back in my neck of the woods, I can always share my reloading books with you.
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    I have a little .17hmr Savage with the accutriger I use for plinking with. The Accutrigger is one hell of an invention, I love it!
  12. Perfect I knew there was a reason I hung out with you Primal lol.

    Oh yeah that dog is a cutey. Little pupy face awwww lol ok im done with the dog talk lol...
  13. Yep. That'll do the job for ya.