Looking for 223 rifle suggestions

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  1. I'm coveting the M4 - anyone know if the semi-auto version is relatively easy to own in MD? I know that for any full auto rifle there are some major hoops to go through - not sure if it is the same for bushmaster variants that are not full auto capable.

    any other suggestions for a semi-auto .223 are welcome...

  2. squeak_D

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    Saiga .223 all the way baby! For the price you can't go wrong, and can't beat the reliability and durability as well. I've got a Saiga .223 and love it. Several others here have them too.


  3. MD? Do what I did, move to MO lol. Not even worth bothering jumping through 1000 hoops in that communist state.
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    Any brand name ar is a pretty safe bet for a .223 rifle.

    The ruger mini 14 is another good .223 option that is more cost efficient if money is one of your decidng factors.

    Siagas are cool, and much lower priced, but I cant bring myself to send my cash to Russian arms dealers.
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    I can. You should get the Saiga!
  6. And in answer to your question, you can, you just can't put as many "goodies" on it thanks to our AWB. I'd get a RRA M4-style.
  7. Silicon Wolverine

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    AR-180B is another option

  8. Thanks for the suggestions, guys - I will look into these! The NRA Mini14 looks interesting - any range reports?

    Also - RRA's kits are also very tempting.... I might get a kit less the lower receiver and pick that up at a later date (if I decide to go for it and am NOT vetoed by my wife!)
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  10. GrOuNd_ZeRo

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    Nooooooooo dont go with the AR! get a gas-operated rifle!! Robarm XCR, STG-556, FS-2000, there are so many choices which are less cost-efficient but will spare you all the excessive cleaning and jamming, I hate my M16 and it's gas-impignment(sp?) system...even the Beretta Rx4 is better or your saiga or even a mini-14...dont go AR :eek:
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    Wow in all My years of service and deployments I never had a single problem with an M16 or an M4.

    Never found keeping it clean difficult either. They were some of the finest rifles I ever shot. Trusted my life My friends lives with them without hesitation.

    I hear stories of people having a bad time with them Post Veitnam era, and cannot help wonder what type of person they must be. General mantinace on these fire arms is simple.

    On more than one accasion I had put more then the basic load of 210 rds threw them with no failure.

    Just My .02
  12. GrOuNd_ZeRo

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    Every M16 handed to me has been ancient until they gave me a virtually brand-new FNH mfg weapon which I have not shot besides a few blanks (Which covered the upper and lower receiver with carbon).

    I had too much problems with them during qualifications too.
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    I have shot a few in my time and have had very little problems with them. The only problems I have ever had with them was with a M16 that was just plain worn out. The best AR I have gotten to shoot was a new Rockriver with the heavy chrome molly barrel and national match trigger. That was last summer and I am very sold on the Rockriver product.
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    I really don't understand this. It's not like the Russians are solely supporting one group over the other. It's pretty much the perfect capitalist economy: They sell to anyone!

    But I agree on the Saiga. You can't find a better .223 rile for the money. After firing one I have to agree on the fact that it's pretty damned cool, especially for the price.
  15. I have Saigas in 223 and ARs, I have no plan to get rid of either in favor of the other. I don't know whats legal in MD, the Saiga out of the box is low cap with a terrible trigger compared to an AR. They can be modified into a great rifle.

    The sights or options for optics advantage goes to the AR as well, but the Saiga can be improved in that respect, and has a built in removable optic mount system in the side rail that has a repeatable zero. My Saiga 223 shot just as well as my 16" AR-15 carbine, until I free floated the ARs barrel.

    Price wise, even with a conversion on the Saiga is going to be cheaper than an AR normally. That made be made up with cots of magazines though depending on what you buy for it. Hard to go wrong with either, just depends on what you want to do with them.

    CMMG has been running a sale on ARs for a while now, and most people have been pleased from what I hear. http://cmmginc.secure-mall.com/shop/?shop=1&cart=965633&cat=33&
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    I dunno. For 300 I can get a .223 Saiga, which I know isn't the most refined firearm but is known for being reliable considering what it's built on.

    But once you see a "Bargain Bin" AR at ONLY $650, the Saiga looks pretty good.
  17. You can get a 300 dollar Saiga that may shoot the same round but won't be near as capable. (If you scroll down they have some for $570+ 15 shipping. ;) )

    Not that I am knocking Saigas, but comparing them set up the same way, the price evens up closer and you still have the Saiga mag disadvantage. A minimal conversion to the Saiga and home modified 5.45 mags is the best bang for buck, but not everyone is capable or willing. So for off the shelf comparison, the Saiga is at a disadvantage. Unless the marginal trigger (at best), roll over stock and proprietary mags are not a issue for a person.
  18. The more I searching for info that I do, the more inclined I am to go for the Ruger mini14.

    Any1 here have or have shot one?
  19. squeak_D

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    I love the mini-14. I don't own one, but have fired one many times. Our local Wal-Mart (yeah I said Wal-Mart) sells mini-14's. I almost bought one last month. It was in the $500 range.

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    I'd give Russian arms dealers my money long before any Sturm-Ruger sellouts.