Looking for 35 Remington ammo

Discussion in 'Caliber Zone' started by eagleguy, Mar 7, 2015.

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    Anyone have info as to where I can get some 35 Remington ammo for my Marlin 336C. See lots of Whelan style ammo but I need straight 35 caliber. Always bought 35 Remington 200g soft core ammo but I don't see it anymore, anywhere.
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    I've got some..... Mostly reloads....

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    Wish shipping ammo was easier
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  5. eagleguy

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    Lots of listings but nothing in stock.
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  7. .35 rem

    I've got 2 of the 336c's from the late 70's I remember getting them from Woolworths for $99.00 ea. I LOVE THEM! I have one with a 1.5 to 4.5 Bushnell scope chief scope and the other with factory sights. I did get an action/trigger job on the one with the scope. That combined with using the Hornady leverevolution ammo I routinely pull 100 yard 5 shot groups of 1.5 inches.
    I know in my area ( s/e Wisconsin ) I can find the Hornady stuff at Gander Mountain and Cabela's. It was $29 a box last time I got some, (last year)
    This past November I thought I saw MidwayUSA had it in stock, and around the same price as Gander Plus shipping of coarse.
    I just checked, MidwayUSA they show out of stock, overdue $27.49 a box.
  8. Well there ya go!! Just up the road from me..
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    Cabela's has the Hornady 200gr FTX in stock for $31.99.