looking for a 995 in michigan

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  1. lookin for a good hipoint carbine 995 i have a 40 and love it
  2. VRSCA1

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    You should be able to get one if you can locate a Dunham's sporting good store.I picked up a brand new one for for $159.95 plus tax. was a 2 day door buster special.$169.95 was reg.sale price.

  3. JBos

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    The 995 is closer to $199 reg at dunhams. But they're almost always on sale for $169. If you ask the clerks I'm sure they'll cut you a deal if they aren't $169 already.

    You near grand rapids? The dunhams over here has been awesome for me with my 995.
  4. I got mine at the gun show in Mt. Clemens years ago.
  5. Landor

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    I got mine at Dunham's for $159 plus tax. $169 out the door..

    I just don't know where to buy accessories for it. Dunham's does not carry any.
  6. outofammo

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    I too picked one up at Dunhams for $169.
  7. thanks

    thanks to all for there replys
  8. VRSCA1

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    Back on sale at dunhams for $169.95 this week!
  9. Landor you can get every accessory for it besides an ATI stock here at the factory website.


    I believe the forum member named Bennie has the ATI stock and I do know that he gives forum members a discount.