Looking for a 995??

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    So cheaper if picked up in person???? It is a great deal. That's $269 to me after transfer and BGC. (bad guy check!)

  2. Ouch!!!!
    $40 between transfer & bad guy check (I like that by the way & will probably steal it!!).
    My guy in FL is $20, BGC ($5) & trasnfer ($15).
    Guess I should be greatful!!

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    Mine is the closet place to me. My favorite LGS is 45mi and I don't want him seeing me buy a new HP that he didn't sell me.

    What sucks in TN is the FFL gives the model and serial number to the TBI and it is "deleted" after 72hrs :rofl:
  4. WOW!! sounds a bit like registration. :mad:
    That's good info, I just bought 12 acres in Lewisburg, TN (Marshall Co.).
    Still have several years to retirement, but I'll have to make all my purchases before I move!!!
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    would be 260 after ffl here in illinois, still a good price, i think i paid right under $300 for mine with the red dot.

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    Lewisburg. I used to deliver gas to the Murphy there.
  7. We'd been looking for a couple years to buy in TN.
    We went up in January to just "look around" and found 12 acres with a creek at a great price.
    Now I have to pay property taxes in 2 states!!!
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    I have almost 6 acres outside Naples that is like an albatross around my neck. Turned down $375K for it back in the day..................hind sight! 20/20
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    here in the nor'east, the birthplace of american freedom from tyrannical government persecutions, the going ffl rate is $65.

    just shoot me now.
  11. Ouch!!
    Sorry you missed that payday!
    Naples is still pretty strong, can't unload it today for a decent price?
    We live in the Ocala National Forest area. We are just to the point where our value equals our mortgage....
    Still have half a dozen foreclosures within 3 blocks.
    Looking forward to changing zip codes in the next 15 years!!!
  12. That's absolutely PATHETIC....

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    $92,900 is what it's listed for. No takers. I did a "no doc" loan against it to buy the place I am living in now. I may talk to the bank and see about splitting it and selling half. Pay off the mortgage and sit on the other half. 5 acres don't sell very well, or for a decent per acre price.

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    Good golly! Stopped at a small GS in West Nashville. $349 for a new 995TS with a forward grip! Then add 9.25% for the governor?

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    Well I decided to "pull the trigger" on one of these. Out of stock. They won't let you back order. I am on the email list when they get back in stock. Hopefully I can find one in good shape locally before then.
  16. That's usually my story, day late & a dollar short....
    With any luck one will pop up soon!

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    Almost ordered a ProPak from GAG the price changed upwards going to the cart. Then I did the math and KY was a much better deal just order the extras straight from ma.
  18. Way the world is going, guess we should be "grateful" we're still allowed to purchase any of them.
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    $15 in Vermont
    $20 in New Hampshire.

    Unless you purchase the firearm from them. Then it's free.