Looking for a barrel shroud

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  1. If anyone has one in there bag of tricks PM me with the details.

  2. Ridge

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    Do you mean the shoulder thing that goes up?

  3. LMAO! I havn't heard a reference to that in a looong time Ridge!

    Edit: Sorry, here's his reference. Let's no hijack the thread though.
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    First time I saw that clip. That made my Christmas. Thanks...
  5. WOW that was funny. I now know why they think that taking my gun away will stop criminals. They are just plain RETARDED! That was a great clip.
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  7. :) :D :) :D
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    and notice how she said clips that always pisses me off.

    "i dont know i think its that thing that goes on your shoulder" she is so stupid. :lol:
  9. So does anyone have one of those shoulder things that go up lol.....

    I like at the end of the vid when the guy says "ummmm no its not" lol I love smart arses lol.....

    But reallly I need a barrel shroud and dont like the ones on ebay. And my garage is 600 miles away so I cant make one.
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    Need one here also, lol, want one of the krnels old ones
  11. How interested are you guys for one? What type smooth or full of holes? If there is enough interest I can ask my bud with a lather to turn out a few. Oh....


    Design a shroud... which ever one I pick to be a production model, gets it free. How about it?
  12. Sweet you could even say winner has to pay for the materials and I would be in. Now all I have to do is figure out how so make one on a computer lol.

    I was thinking somethiong like the kernals only like 3/4 or 1 inch past then bore that larger so you have almost the look like a flash suppressor/componsator???? Like this.


    Or like the Noveske. I love this look on a AR15.

  13. Heck, I dont care if it's drawn on a napkin and then scanned to the computer. Hell, so me of the best ideas start on a napkin, or a box lid.

    All we need is concepts and some basic dims... the rest we can figure out later.
  14. I will get some scanned after I get them drawn up. I also looked at a mill/lathe at harbor frieght today. So I might get into some machining of my own. I have wanted for a while for some other projects just havnt done it yet????

    I wonder if we should put this to the masses on the Carbinf section????? What do you think bushman????
  15. Thats what I was trying to do here. Have people come up with some ideas, then consolidate them into one "Ultimate Barrel Shroud".

    I'll be ordering some material tomorrow to start making the charging handles (I decided to make the out of aluminum) and will also order some 1.125" alum for a shroud. I kind of had an idea of making a shroud/compensator.
  16. Yeah I liked the tear drop look on that ar!!!! what about puttin a sight blade on it as well??? I dont know how good it would look but it might be functionable. I think????? lol

    If you want we can through the Idea out there for the untimate barrel shroud I will send you some cash on the material cost as well. We have a good recycle center here too PM me if you want the details!!!!
  17. This discusion should probably be moved to the carbine section... but for now, this is the idea I had.


    Excuse the crapy resolution. 1.25 diameter, a little over 6 inches long, integrated compensator. I was thinking making the front a 4 sided crown so it can be used as a weapon of last resort.

  18. Bushman98, that looks pretty cool to me, especially with the integrated compensator.

    Moving to the Carbines Forum, as that forum is the best place for this thread, and will get more traffic/opinions.
  19. Is that meant to fit the carbines in ATI stocks only? Just curious.
  20. I guess I can make one for each. Would not be hard.