Looking for a Christmas pic that was posted here, need help-

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  1. Hey guys, someone posted either a pic or a link of santa and a very cute elf with her bending over and he was looking up her skirt, right around Christmas time.

    I told someone about it and looked and looked and can not find it. Does anyone remember where it was at?

    I hate telling somebody about something and then I cant find it.

  2. Can't remember where it was either... will keep looking though...

  3. Many thanks Taurus appreciate the help
  4. elguapo

    elguapo Guest

    I didnt take it down...
  5. Does anyone remember which thread it was in? I have completely went through all of the pic threads, and Christmas threads, and unless its a link instead of a pic on the forum, I cant see how I missed it.

    elguapo do you by any chance know where its at?