Looking for a good holster for my C9.

Discussion in 'CCW & Open Carry' started by Kevin84, Jan 8, 2008.

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    I currently keep it in my Uncle Mike's Sidekick Sz16 (perfect fit) but the side of the holster does rest against the mag. release on the gun and if bumped hard enough, it will eject it. I'm looking for something as close to that holster as possible, and it must include a place for an extra mag.

    - Kevin

    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    Don't worry about it releasing the mag [unless you are having mag release spring problems]. I have used mine in UM holsters for 3 years now and the only time I had any problem with the mag button WAS when my mag relese spring went bad. And I used mine for security so it got banged and bumped alot.

    Is it releasing on it's own or are you just woorryed about it?

  3. I've got plenty of posts here about holsters. Poke around a bit and you'll find them. I recommend the Fobus holster and magazine pouches, but there are a few other makes and models written about here.
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    Just worried about it. Not releasing on its own. Recently had someone come up on my front porch and cut wires going to lamps (they're on a day/night timer so the person obviously knew they had no juice going to them when they were cut, also had some lawn furniture items stolen.) and while this is an upscale neighborhood, I'm carrying my C9 while on my property all the time now incase I catch the person doing this in the act. Just don't want to get in a scuffle with the person and have the mag shoot out on me if the holster gets hit.
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    IIRC, the Fobus holster leaves the mag release exposed. The Uncle Mikes Sidekick does not.

    Just something to put into consideration. Not knocking either brand, because they are both great holsters, but different strokes for different folks.

    Protech also makes a holster that looks very similar to the Uncle Mikes Sidekick. They can be easily found on ebay.

    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    Yes a fobus is good I have 1 but I like the Uncle Mikes for a simple reason they have a thumb strap to hold the weapon in where as the Fobus does not I like the idea of having the strap keep the weapon in the holster in case you get in a situation and have someone try to remove it from you [I have had it attempted and they failed] I would suggest to get a Fobus but keep the UM so you can have a choice if you want it
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    I really wish Hi-Point could talk to BlackHawk and have them create a Serpa retention holster for the Hi-Points. I love those holsters.

  8. I have Blackhawks for my Glocks, and yes, they are awesome. As for the Fobus, they are designed to be operated with a straight up-and-out type draw that is for safety. I carry mine with the safety on, and practice that as part of the draw and presentation. If you do that, the person that attempts to grab your gun, even if they get it, will point it at you and go *tick* *tick* and give you a second or three to pound on them. Evil Ernie on this forum said he had his wife and 15 year old son try to grab his unloaded gun from his Fobus without any luck. I haven't tried this myself, though....
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    Yep, I carry a BlackHawk level 2 for my M9 at work, is very reliable and comfy. I haven't tried a fobus yet with my C9, but I think I'll give it a shot.
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    Does anyone use the inside the pants holster for there C9?
  11. The Uncle Mike's sidekick #16? It's too thick for IWB carry; it's like hiking with a rock in your shoe. OWB is the only real carry option for the C9, unfortunately. I have a carry vest on the way, which should help in warmer weather to conceal it, but I haven't seen any real good IWB options other than ClipDraw or a Fobus in the small of back position.
  12. Kevin84

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    Thanks for the replies. I looked at the Fobus and it seems like a very nice holster, but I prefer a holster that has an extra mag pouch made on to it, as I don't CC the C9 and it's always carried OWB.

    The Pro-Tech looks almost exactly like the Uncle Mikes I have, only it's $10 cheaper.

    I'll probably pick up a Pro-Tech leg holster for a small .32 once my CCW Permit comes in. My county takes forever to get them to you.
  13. Ari

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    Do you pull your mag from the same hand you draw the gun from?
  14. That's what I was wondering. Part of the reason that I went with the Fobus magazine pouches and holster over the Uncle Mike's, etc. was that I didn't want to reach across my body to retrieve the other magazine, or use the gun hand with the gun still in it to fumble with the fresh magazine since this could cause an accident at the range, and your death in a self-defense situation. If you don't carry CCW like I do, then it's probably not a big deal for you plinking out in the country or whatever else you do, just be mindful of the gun and where it's pointing. If you carry at the hip for self-defense, I'd go with another system. Just another piece of advice: don't put empty magazines back into the same pouch/pocket/holder you got them out of. If you ever get into a firefight with your gun, you'll do what you practice, and cycle an empty magazine back into the gun and get yourself killed holding your empty weapon. Whatever system you choose, choose carefully.
  15. Kevin84

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    That's what I've been debating. I do CC the C9 but only in my truck.

    Whatever I go with for actual CCW all the time, I'll have to plan out for sure. I'm just not sure what I'm going with yet. I'm of fairly small build so any larger pistol will show unless I'm very careful.

    That's why I'm leaning toward a .32 or possibly a .380. From there, I'll decide on best gun placement, holster, and mag placement.

    Edit: Yes. I drop the empty clip, switch hands, pull the full clip with my drawing hand and reload, then switch back to load. Which...now that I think about it, is really not efficient at all. My father has always pocket carried a .25 with the extra mag in his other pocket, I see his reasoning behind this now.
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    After speaking with my dad, I have a .380 with an IWB holster that conceals great, while a tad heavy, it isn't bad (I gave him the Jimenez JA-Nine that I've posted about in other threads so in a way it was a trade) extra clip holder facing the left hand so no need to fumble. I'm also working on re-training myself to grab the C9's clip with my left hand, and carrying it OWB closer to the front instead of on the hip to make that easier. I'm entirely new to CCW, so these posts have been very informative to me on possible situations that I hadn't thought of.

    Thanks to everyone for the responses.
  17. Before I got the Fobus mag pouch, I would carry my extra magazine in my left back pocket. It's just a little bit more difficult to retrieve if the extra magazine tends to lean over in your pocket. I'd just put a handkerchief in there to keep it upright, and practice with any empty gun at home, and a loaded mag at the range. No matter where you keep your extra mag, practice retrieving it, and remember to never place the empties - even it training - back where the loaded magazine is carried.
  18. Kevin84

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    Did that for about an hour Srben, thanks. I feel comfortable using my left hand for grabbing the C9's extra mag now. At first it felt awkward, but I got used to it. Practiced drawing the .380 from the CC position and switching clips on it as well. I know if I ever need it...it's definitely going to be a situation where I've got to react fast.
  19. Practice getting to your gun with your left hand, and reloading using only your left hand, and from behind cover, too. In case your dominant arm is disabled, you can still defend yourself. Just remember to be safe and practice with an empty gun, and that slow=smooth, and smooth=fast. I'll probably end up posting pics of my concealment set-up. I love carrying my C9 for CCW, but OWB carry requires a different look than pocket carrying my Glock 27 or my Glock 32 IWB with a ClipDraw and Saf-T-Block. That's the one thing I've learned about concealed carry: no one system is perfect. They all have pluses and minuses, and factors to consider. You just have to go with the system that will suit your dress and activity the other 85% of the time. We carry them more than we use them, and it has to be comfortable and easy to get to.
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    I'm built far too small to carry my C9 for CCW. 5'7 125, it'd stand out like a sore thumb. That's why I mentioned .32 or .380 being the max for me when it comes to CCW. The .380 is indeed the max. Too tight of a shirt and it'd give it away if someone was looking for it.

    Left handed....is a different story. That'll take weeks to work on, I've never been very coordinated with my left hand.

    The .380 is basically going to be my "10 shots to get to the truck and get the C9" weapon, if a situation were bad enough that I couldn't end it with 10 shots from a .380...which I really can't fathom, but with todays world, you never know.

    Pics would be great. Once I have the funds, I'd like to switch to a compact Glock or Beretta for CCW.