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    I am in need of a handgun for home security, I do not have alot of cash but can pay atleast $150 down and some kind of payment plan. I really need a handgun for home protection. Well please PM me with any help you can give. I will go thru an FFL if needed.
  2. I'm assuming Firefighter/EMT/Rescue Tech. That being said, talk to Sam Walton at the cop shop in Baltimore, MD. (http://www.copshopmd.com/). He's the only guy you'll get a fair price on GLOCKs in MD on. If you're in urgent need of a handgun, I wouldn't trust anything but a GLOCK.

    To be honest, if its for home defense, get a shotgun. Plenty of great used Remington 870's floating around out there. Load it up with 00 or #1 shot, and you'll be good to go. Better stopping power at a cheaper price. Shotguns are, in general, cheaper and more effective in the short ranges encountered in home invasion.


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    Thanks for the advice I will look into that.

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    Does anyone else have any advice for me?? Or is anyone able to help me out?
  5. I'd try posting it in "Other brands of firearms" or something for advice. That gets looked at more frequently
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    No, PM a mod and ask them to move this to the Other brands of firearms... Double posts in multiple sections are useless, as some folks read all forums, and hate to repeat themselves.

    $150 for a handgun for home defense, and make payments? Hi-Point, you may find a Hi-Point .45acp in a shop, but you will pay whatever price is on the sticker 9/10 times if you put it on layaway. You will pay off the layaway quickly if you need it that bad. Most established gun shops will allow you to lawaway a firearm for 30 days, my local gun shop will do a 90 day, as long as you put 30% down. Check around your area for such service. I do not have any prefrence when it comes to what brand/which model in the context of a home defense piece, as any firearm will do. (ie: Ruger 10/22 .22le with 30 round magazine)... Its totally your choice, as you may want a .44 magnum from Charter Arms, 12ga Shotty from Mossberg, a .22 rifle with hi-cap magazine from Ruger, a .45acp with tactical light from Rock Island Armory, or a subcompact .40 from S&W/Glock. It's totally up to you, your finances, and your desire to own such weapons...
    What weapon have you had the "best experiences" with?
    The answer to the above question, is now your goal.
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  8. I bought my JCP 40 Hi point brand new for $159. Try looking at all the shops and hardwares!!
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    My first question is "why a handgun?"

    Second question is "how much experience do you have using handguns or any other firearms?"

    As an ex Armorer in the U.S. Army, an ex gunshop owner, & a factory trained & certified Glock, Ruger, and Springfield instructor in usage & maintainence, I suggest you buy a shotgun or any handgun that you can afford and fire accuratly and consistantly. I refuse to tell anyone that a particular brand is the best as I have used all of them and have had problems with ALL at one time or another.

    buy it
    learn it
    know it inside & out

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    Ya!! A BIG shotgun :wink: a double barrel 12 gauge will scare the crap outta anyone even if they are not all with it 100%. Right Strangerous :?: