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  1. rodka

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    im looking for a pistol in 40sw with a magazine capacity of at least 10rds and has to be under $350.

    i know a bunch of you guys are going to say hi point jcp but ive already got one :lol:
  2. Call CDNN, their catalog has some S&W Sigmas used for under $200.

    J&G has Glocks for $329.

    Just look, they're out there; maybe others will post leads. Hope you find something interesting.

  3. Ari

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    You might look a some of the Taurus's and Rugers for that money.
  4. neothespian

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    Taurus Taurus millennium 40 S&W. Small, smooth action, and my little sis loves hers!

    And that's not to infer it's a "girls gun". It's just that reliable and comfy. I really enjoy shooting it when we're out at the range.
  5. rodka

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    i was thinking taurus but i had a bad experience with the pt111 millenium pro and ever since then i havent trusted them plus i am looking for a full size combat gun.
  6. Ari

    Ari Guest

    what about the 24/7 that is a full sized gun... At one point it won gun of the year
  7. rodka,

    What problems did you have with the PT111 M-Pro? Curious because I have had one since Nov 06 and its never once missed a beat.

    For a .40... dont shoot em so cant say get this or that, but the two that come to mind in your price range is the Taurus PT140 or the S&W Sigma (or what ever they are calling it these days).
  8. rodka

    rodka Member

    thats a good point and it looks pretty nice i do like the way they are built.

    the only experience ive had with a taurus was my old pt111 and the firing pin broke after 500rds and it was brand new so im kind of worried that is the quality of the other handguns. it might sound stupid but i dont want to have to go through all the trouble of having it fixed.
  9. pills

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  10. rodka

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    thinking about it 9mm is also ok that might open the field a bit. ive been looking on gunbroker.com does any one know of any other good gun sights i dont like gunsamerica.com cause of there new format.
  11. you could try auctionarms.com. They seem to be similiar to gunbroker.
  12. rodka

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    i think ive just found something jgsales.com has glock 22's for $320
    .40 and 15rd magazines cant beat that. (i might turn to the "dark side")
  13. Ari

    Ari Guest

    9mm opens the playing field a bunch
  14. Space

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  15. rodka

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    cz-75b in 40 s&w. Preferably duotone. Doubt it but you might find one used for three fifty. I can promise you that there are not a whole lot of pistols that can rival a cz-75. I have three and i absolutely love them.
    They are a tad smaller than the 1911, aim just as easy, and break down just as easy. Very similar to the browning high power. Just with everything updated and refined. But if it seems to be out the budget (because of local pricing) a s&w mp in 40 is not a bad choice either. I have one and i shoot it occasionally. Its a good deal for the money. :D
  17. Cappy

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    I just bought PT111 PRO. After reading on here the other night a thread concerning dry firing I got my manual out and low and behold Taurus says, and I quote, "Dry firing is bad for this firearm, whther the hammer block is engaged or not."

    Went and bought me some snap caps today so I could get used to the trigger pull safely.
  18. illhunter

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    another is the eaa you can probably find a used one in your price range. I was looking at the compact models and you can buy conversion kits for different calibers. The one i looked at was a 45 but can get conversions for 9mm, 38 super, 40cal, 45acp,and 10mm i think the conversions are around $200.

  19. Jokey

    Jokey Guest

    My wife has a PT 111 (not PRO) and it needed to be returned to Taurus last summer because of a cracked sear.

    They rebuilt the weapon completely as there is a silent recall. It is a great weapon now. Very accurate, lightweight and small.

    If you still have yours send it back to them. Will shine afterward.

    If you are looking for something different I would suggest looking at a reputable gun shop for something used.

    Ten rounds are not enough.