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Hey all - I bought a Hi Point .45 a few weeks ago and really like it. I found an Uncle Mikes holster on Ebay for $15 and it serves the purpose but it's a little small for the .45 and doesn't fit too well. The draw height is really awkward for me, and I'd like something a little lower on the waist.

I'm left handed, so that's a big negative for me. I've been checking sporting goods stores in my area which are nearly non-existent and searching the web but have come up with nearly nothing.

Fobus has some cool stuff, but nothing for lefties.
I'm looking for a leather holster, very small and inconspicious, even though I can't conceal/carry in the Land of Lincoln.

Mostly, I'm wanting something sorta low-slung, but not on my thigh like the tactical crap everyone wants to sell. I don't want a flap, or multiple straps and snaps. Leather would be my preference, but I'd settle for an injection molded type as well.

Anyone got any suggestions or a size # that fits well?

Thanks - - - Road Warrior
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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