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Discussion in 'General Firearms Discussion' started by ddaratt, Dec 5, 2014.

  1. ddaratt

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    Hey guys

    I'm looking to buy a rifle. Either in the AR or AK platform. This will be my first rifle and I wondering if you guys can help me.

    I have a budget of 2k including optics. What would be the best bang for my buck?

    Thanks guys.
  2. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Spend $1000 on a rifle and optics, then spend $1000 on ammo.

    It really doesn't matter which gun you buy, except based on your plans regarding the use.

    Punching paper? AR all the way. Plinking? AK could be the answer. Defending the free world? Well....that's a job for an AR 10, or maybe an M1A1. Taking over the world to rule as supreme dude in charge? AK.

    Then, the optics...punching paper or shooting p-dogs or coyotes? A good high magnification scope. Run and gun or plinking? Red dot, or low magnification scope. Clearing houses? Laser or red dot. Clearing the jungle? Iron sights and lots of mags of ammo...
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  3. SWAGA

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    There's no one setup that covers everything.
    So yes, if you could narrow down your goal a little.
    Otherwise you may end up like this guy....

  4. lklawson

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    Oh man, I'm gonna hate myself, but... AR.

    Do like Ajole and SWAGA says and narrow down your specs, then get an AR in that role. Even if you want "cheap plinking" (who'd spend $2,000 on a cheap plinking gun? If you're gonna spend 2K, you may be plinking but "cheap" isn't your primary concern)... err... um... where was I? Oh yeah, even if you want "cheap plinking" in 7.62x39 with import steel case, get an AR10 in 7.62x39.

    The price of AK's has gone up. The price of entry level AR's has gone down. Between the two, the AR is 100% the more versatile platform in nearly every way. Heck, at the price point you're looking at, even the AK's vaunted reliability is completely within reason. To be fair, modern AR's are extremely reliable.

    The AK used to have the advantage of price (to the U.S. consumer) but that's gone. Now AK's are just for people who really want an AK for whatever reason.

    <singing>Anything you can do, I can do better! Anything you can do, I can do better than you!</singing>

    Sorry AK fans. But until market dynamics change and bring down the consumer cost of an AK to closer to its manufacturing cost, that's the way it's going to be.

    Peace favor your sword,
  5. midias

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    If you got that much to burn then mk 47 mutant
  6. Bull

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    With a little over a grand, you could get a AR lower, and two uppers, one for up close work, one for long range work...
  7. tallbump

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    Just red a little somethign today talking about why the AR is better than the AK.

    I'll start a new thread about the whole article becuase it i interesting.


    But here's the relevant section

  8. SWAGA

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    Buy a $600-$800 gun, maybe $200-$300 in accessories and keep the rest of your money for the 'in case the perfect gun comes walking by on Armlist'
    Save yourself a grand.....
  9. planosteve

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  10. MachoMelvin

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    I would get 1 of each & 1000 rds of ammo for each?
    But, I'm selfish that way!!!
  11. USMC_VET

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    What is the intention of the rifle ?, are you wanting CQB , short range, med range or long range . This will determine what optic/ rifle platform suits your needs
  12. SWAGA

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    Let's not bedazzle him with terminology and suggestions....
    D, what ya need the gun for?
  13. undeRGRound

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    You can build a good AR for $500, give or take, a good optic can be cheap to $500 or more, depending on "whatcha gonna use it for".

    I'd buy a passel of PMags (MagPul) and some bulk milsurp ammo to shoot :D
    You are well under $1,500 even with a mid-range optic.
  14. planosteve

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    Until we know what he wants to do with it all this advice at worth didley
  15. SWAGA

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  16. Bull

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    They make it in lefty Swags!
  17. bscar

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    you can buy a righty and convert it to lefty.

    And what can I say, I love the thing
  18. ddaratt

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    Sorry for the late response guys. It's primary use is going to home defense and medium to long range shooting.
  19. ddaratt

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    Oh and defending against the zombie apocalypse!