Looking for a semi-auto sidearm for hunting

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  1. Was told by a lot of hunters to bring a sidearm... that way if something charges you, you have a fallback weapon. Was thinking a GLOCK 20; 15 rounds of 10mm seemed like the perfect combination of mag size/caliber. That, and i like the 10mm better as a HD/SD caliber than .40. Was briefly considering the Desert Eagle, but I really don't think having a magazine half the size (7 rounds) makes up for it. That, and it weights a ton.

    I looked at revolvers, but they just aren't my thing. Also, I can get G20's relatively cheap ($425-450 NIB). Cost is a big issue; I'm going to be carrying my G27 as my BUG for now for lack of a better option. Not looking at going after anything big... just deer, maybe plink some crows. Don't even think I'll need a handgun, but better to bring it and not need it than to need it and not have it, no?

    P.S. If I don't have an AK-47 by then (which is legal to hunt with in MO), I'm probably going to be using a bolt-action chambered in .308.
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    I was going to suggest 10mm when I saw the title of your thread. My dad is a 10mm nut and owns several. I am considering picking up a Kimber Eclipse Custom II in 10mm sometime this year.

    Question - Why not just hunt with 10mm? Its good for black bear, deer, boar, etc.


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    Check with the hunting laws where you are. Most states will not allow you to carry 2 weapons while hunting
  4. I'd checked with the WDNR and found I can indeed carry a pistol as a BUG under the condition it is clearly visible. The main reason I want to carry one is for turkey hunting. On several occasions we've been in close proximity to a fresh from the den black bear. I don't want to find myself between momma and her cubs with only a shotgun and bird shot.

    For now all I have for a BUG is my C9. It's better than nothing for sure but hardly ideal. I've pretty much convinced myself that my next gun will be a Ruger Super Red Hawk in 44 magnum. However the way I want to outfit that gun, for hunting, would maybe hinder the ability to draw quickly if needed. Something like the Ruger Sp-101 in .357 magnum would be a great, easy to draw, BUG, but I'm not sure how fun practice shooting a .357 Mag from a 2 1/4" barrel would be, lol.

    Like you said a wheel gun isn't your flavor. Given that I'd have to agree the Glock 20 is extremely hard to beat. The 10mm is a deadly round, and when you have 15 rounds at a moments notice they can be very devastating.
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    I have a glock 20 and it is an excellent weapon for anything you care to drop up to and including bear and elk. i load mine with a 155gr hornady XTP bullet at 1525 FPS. I use it mainly for shooting steel but i do carry it in high threat enviroments as a CCW. A 10mm is about as powerful as you can get in a standard size auto and G20s arent that hard to find or special order to boot.

  6. Hunting handgun in a semi?

    Desert Eagle in 50AE or hot 44mag.

    Enuf said.
  7. Well, the JHP .45 would work, but I'd sooner have a .44mag too.
  8. Check on the minimum caliber dimensions. In MN, the cartridge has to be at least 1.26".
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    I haven't heard of anyone hunting with 50AE. I've heard 10mm, 454, and I think 500.
  10. You won't believe this, but anything centerfire. You can go bear hunting with a 9mm luger. You'd be an idiot, but legally you can do it.
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    most 10mm loads carry more power than a .44 mag. why hamper yourself?

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    When I deer/wild hog hunt, I use either a Baikal express double rifle/over and under 30.06, or a .270 Ruger M77 bolt action rifle and ALWAYS, have a loaded sidearm holstered on a belt.along with a longbladed hunting knife. This season I carried a Ruger Security Six double action, 4" blue steel revolver in .357 magnum. Feral hogs ARE dangerous game,both boars & sows. You have got to level the playing field!
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    I've heard horror stories from boar hunters, being treed or have their leg ripped open by their "Tusks" while trying to climb a tree... i'd choose a BIG slow heavy bullet in a sidearm, if i was so inclined to hunting boar... or feared i may run into one.
  15. A buddy of mine hunts pigs with his S&W 500. Two years ago he had a huge boar bearing down on him that came out of no where. In a moment of slight (as he described it) panic the pistol hung up on a button on his shirt. Popping it loose he raised and fired into the pigs skull at about 20 yards. He'd said the pig was running "wide open" and squealing like an old Chrysler. All until it met the 500 where it stopped dead in its tracks. Those are some serious big bore weapons. I'd love one of those or the 460 XVR. I have to admit, I get a tad aroused thinking of those brutes. :lol: