Looking for a used TS carbine

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  1. I have a friend on a Hi-Point FB page looking for a used TS carbine. Has anyone got one to sell? Probably standard TS would do. I have no idea why anyone would sell one. My 995TS and 4095TS ain't going nowhere and are not for sale at any price. :)

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  2. Thank you SWAGA, I had been looking at some of these. He lives in Ohio, in this day and time, big deal. I might get one of these! I appreciate it brother.
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    Is he looking for a budget gun ie; 995 Classic in a TS stock? Or is the issue of not being able to find one? Because the 995TS are all over Oh Io? 4095TS & 4595tS are feast & famine. Here today & gone tomorrow.
  4. Hi-points are rare here in Ohio. At least not in Central. I see then at Cabela's, Blackwing and even Fin, Feather and Fur usually has stock frequently.
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    Gun Broker & Gun Auction have numerous 995's everyday. There is a deal/steal at least once a week or so.
  6. I think super cheap and shortage in OHIO. Cake and eat it to. I guess down south we are blessed. If I want a specific gun I can get it and not paying premium price. If I want ammo, I can get it including 22. nobody in their right mind will advertise 22, it is just there. I have 2 Kahr's on there way, CT9 and CT40, both are $343 out the door, my 995TS was $241 out the door oh and they always give me 100 rounds of free ammo with every gun purchase. My LGS is awesome.
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    The BAD part of living in the Carolina's is ALL those BBQ joints!
    I'll stay up North, and pay a little extra?
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    It's been awhile, but I've seen one or two at Sportsmen's Den in Shelby, though I haven't been to that store in quite some time. BW has one or two almost always in stock, but they're wanting like $320 for the 9mm carbine new with no extras.