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Hello all,
I already have Romanian AK WASR 10/63 and love it... except how expensive the ammo is... I'm looking for a Polish AK-74 because I'm of Polish heritage and wanted a Polish gun and for how cheap and available the ammo 5.45 x 39 ammo is... basically half the price... AK 47s are readily available everywhere I normally look... gun broker, auction arms, etc... but, the 74s are not as available and more expensive... any one know where I can get one for around $500? thanks, John

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Re: looking for AK-74...

Only ones I know of currently. The price has gone way up:
Also, spam cans of surplus appear to be impossible to find now. Best price I can find on Silver Bear and Wolf at this time:

If anyone has any info please post...

ETA: It appears AimSurplus has Russian ammo back in stock. Maybe this means a new shipment has hit the shores:
The price is higher than it once was, but it's about the same as the last I saw and it's cheaper than the commercial ammo.
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