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Discussion in 'Survival Zone' started by Bill whitney, Nov 21, 2020.

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    Looking for a good lbv that wont break the bank. Any opinions? No plate carrier neefef.

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    What's IBV?

  3. Bill whitney

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    Load bearing vest

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    Amazon, Rural King, Duck-Duck-Go. I have one I've never used that I am giving to a friend. I went with plate carriers with plates.
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    NE Utah
    Sportsmans guide used to be the go to on stuff like that.

    I have this one, with a belt and pouches to hold 6 more mags, 2 canteens, bayo/knife, etc.
    Mine was much cheaper back in the day, the vests are good, but that price is a bit high for my taste.
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  6. Check Ebay. Are you looking for a modular vest like the FLC? Or older school ALICE type vest with fixed pockets?
    USGI vests can be had pretty cheap off Ebay.
    You could also get away with a chest rig like a Tactical Tailor MAV or RACK but that depends on what exactly you wanna carry. If you have a surplus shop nearby, you can check them out and see if they have stuff that works for you.
  7. Bill whitney

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    just need to carry ar mags and pistol mags , and a pistol.
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  8. Visper

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    Best bang for the buck are the Condor ones. Very well made.
  9. Damn you guys are cheapazz. Lol. I personally believe USGI stuff is better than Rothco and Condor ;) especially if the contract is for Eagle Industries, Allied Industries, Safariland, SDS, BAE Systems, and London Bridge Trading Co (LBT). These are mostly for newer stuff in MOLLE though. Eagle and Allied makes a LOT of stuff for USMC, so its easy to find in Coyote brown for a chest rig or FLC which would be cheaper than a woodland camo LBV, usually you'll need to add a LC/ALICE pistol belt to the LBV but for the FLC, its not necessary. These days though, the "in" thing is to run two belts, a trouser inner belt, and a stiff, 1.5"-1.75" outer belt with holster, mag pouches and IFAK small kit. Sometimes a knife is added, sometimes not. The two belt system is basically velcro'd together, and the outer belt tends to have micro MOLLE that fits one or two rows of MOLLE on the pouches.
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  10. Bill whitney

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    Thats what im leaning towards.
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    @Bill whitney , try to post in the appropriate section on the future. This could have gone in here, in the survival area, or in the Hunting and Fishing section in the equipment area. Definitely isn't a what gun accessory did you buy today type post. The forum is broken down very well in to specific areas.

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    Condor did make "kangaroo" mag pouches. AR, and pistol combos. They are usually out of stock as they are very popular.

    Really I would look for a plate carrier. You may change your mind in the future.
  13. He doesn't need a PC yet. If he's only going to carry some AR and pistol mags and pistol, a belt kit is a better option for him, and there are some decent budget options that aren't Condor ;) Esstac has some "kangaroo" styled open topped pouches that have awesome retention, but they aren't cheap. Same for HSGI Tacos. The USMC Speed Reload pouches are good affordable options with hypalon retention for both the AR and the double stack pistol magazines. Belt options varies obviously, but Spec Ops Brand, Eagle Industries, Tactical Tailor, Specter Gear, and a few others makes good belts that can be found pretty cheaply on the used market that are still quite servicable. Some are the same size as an LC belt though, at 2.25" height, so that might limit what you can find for holsters if not using a Bianchi type.
  14. Augh. Stupid browser reloaded this page when I went back to this tab :<
    USMC MOLLE speed reload pouch, single mag.. $6.15 ea on Amazon
    Fire Force M4 double pouch, can be had in tan, camo green, amd woodland for $7.50 each but some discounts when buy more than 1, on ebay. I got 4 Woodland pouches and they were brand new, never issued, still in plastic.
    Eagle single mag pouch, tan, coyote brown, I have been seeing them for $9-10 locally, so ebay is not cheaper (some sellers have higher prices)

    Coupled with a $10-25 MOLLE FLC that includes a belt that can be taken off, thats not a bad deal overall. Cheapest of course are the ACU gravelcamo ones, but woodlands, desert, and USMC Coyote brown vests are between $12 and 25.. there existed a multicam version but those are stupid expensive for the exact same thing.
    Same price as woodland LBVs actually, just avoid the 40mm LBVs ;)

    Again though, my opinion... a belt kit is better. I havent found MOLLE belt sleeves that work with the 2.25" tall LC pistol belts, that aren't humongously tall and floppy.

    Edit. Sure the ALICE pouches are functional and works great for what they are.. but they're not quick draw, they're bulky, and when you dont have 3 mags in them, quite noisy. Locally the ALICE triple mag pouches are right around the same prices as the MOLLE double pouches with elastic bands and the single speed reload pouches.
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    NE Utah
    But...they carry three mags in one box shaped small volume unit. And if you’re using those mags....the shooting already started, noise isn’t an issue. Nor should speed of use be, quick draw is nifty, but so is covered secure storage.

    Green Berets in Vietnam used canteen pouches to carry extra mags...just saying.
  16. And Marines and Army used triple shingles, double MOLLE pouches, now chest rigs with built in mag pockets in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and supposedly Mali, for the last 20 years :rolleyes:

    Of course the majority of that has been mostly urban, armored(body armor) operations. There is a reason for reducing profile and using positive retention these days.

    I don't know what @Bill whitney wants to do with the rig he wants to use, if its for a range trip, SHTF, urban patrols(riots and the like? ), woodland walkabouts, rural community defense, or whatnot...
    As someone who has totes full of ALICE gear and MOLLE equipment and custom rigs... I can see reason for everything in between. Again, like I said... a belt kit is probably best for most things, especially if carrying a pistol. One doesn't see a lot of people using ALICE width gun belts these days, but the 1.5-1.75" belts are more common and that's a specific setup that doesn't take to ALICE style triple pouches all that well, apparently.

    Edit. Most OWB holsters aren't sized for ALICE width belts, other than Bianchi types and leg rig holsters.
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  17. Actually, one of the best budget rigs available...
    USGI 6-mag bandoliers. Some from the FSBE 2 kits have MOLLE on their backs for the purpose of attaching MOLLE pouches so it can become a grab-n- go range bag. I have one in Coyote Brown that I paid $12 for... and I can fit a small FAK to it, and have space for 2 pistol magazines as well; thereby giving me 6 AR 30rd mags plus 2 pistol mags in addition to a sturdy 1.75" gun belt with pistol and 2 to 3 more pistol magazines.
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    Cant post yet. Just
    Cant post yet, just tryi g to get my #s up.