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  1. I went to my parent's house for the holidays, but I'm going to be heading home on Friday and then as soon as possible after that, I'm going to get my CWP.

    So, I'm coming to you guys for suggestions on a good CCW. What do you suggest and why?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. The best thing is to go to a gunshop that has a shooting range and rent the guns that you like and try them out . That way you can get a feel for which one is the best and the ones that you can controll the best.

  3. Jarhead1775

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    What is the price range you are looking to spend in?
  4. Um.... Under $400ish. But go ahead and suggest anything. I'm flexible.
  5. Getting your carry permit is a good move you'll not regret.

    In that price range I like the Kel-Tec P32,P3AT, and PF-9. I carry the .380 and 9. If I could afford it (and find them) I'd carry a Seecamp .380 and Rohrbaugh 9mm.

    For .45s I really can't improve on my Kimber Ultra CDP--other companies in the same price range are fine-just not better. I know Armscor makes a steel framed .45 this size sold under the RIA brand, but I don't know how dependable it is. Based on my experience with my Armscor I'd give one a try since it's in your price range, if I didn't mind carrying something that heavy.
  6. Under 400... Let's see, lots of options here.

    New Taurus snubby ultralight revolver


    KelTek PF9

    Keltek P32

    Just a few off the top of my head.
  7. I'll add this: weight really matters to me when I carry all day.

    The RIA with 3" barrel is over 30 ounces. My kimber with aluminum frame is 25 ounces. The PF-9 is about 13 ounces and the P3AT is under half a pound. All weights are empty. A lot of people say they get used to the weight. Maybe they do, maybe you will--I find I usually carry the 9 because it's light but still fires a powerful enough cartridge to feel secure.

    If you can, shoot before you buy. Whatever choice you make, you'll feel as well as be more secure.
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    Hey NDS: They can't keep either the Seecamp .380 and Rohrbaugh 9mm in stock by me. The Rohrbaugh's are commanding a price tag of $1,150.00 - $1,250.00 and the Seecamp are never in stock. The gun all the shops are pushing are the HK PSP Grade A's. They want $900.00 - and up for these by me. Are these prices relative to what they are asking for in Las Vegas?
  9. I don't see the big deal of the Rohrbaugh, seems like an over priced keltec to me, but that's just me I suppose. I do like their little laser dodad that makes it print like a wallet. Very cool.
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    The Rohrbaugh in my opinion is a waste of money. I have held one and was not that impressed. However to each his own, A Kel-Tec would do just fine but people have a predisposed opinion that just because it costs more money it is obviously better. Yes, the Rohrbaugh is streamlined and refined but the price it commands is ridiculous. The Kel-tec and the Rohrbaugh both do the same thing, function for protection and I bet the groups from the Kel-Tec are better than the Rohrbaugh. The market for the Rohrbaugh is great just like the Hi-Point market is great. People will buy what they want and that is why an educated consumer and get the right product for their specific need and budget. Sorry for the rambling.
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    I think it this is tough to beat. Much more controllable then you think
    short Springfield GI


    I like the Keltec P-11 I carry one.


    Also do not be scared of a full size gun. The CZ-75b is a good gun


    I also don't mind a 38/357


    What is your level of training?
  12. Hammerless revolvers just look weird to me, totally unfinished.
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    Yes they do but that one can be fired single action. The hammer can be cocked. And it is really handy to not get the hammer caught on anything.
  14. While I agree that the Rohrbaugh and Seecamp are overpriced for what they provide, if you've got the money and want them go for it. I would, but if you've read my posts you know I have the much more affordable and still reliable Kel-Tecs.

    Price-wise, I've never actually seen a Rohrbaugh on a shelf here. I've heard of prices in the 1100+ range. The only ones I've actually seen have been in AZ. I've seen one Seecamp in a shop here, a .32 at over $400-used.
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    How about a C9????

    Nah, I'd look into Keltec PF9
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    Lots of factors others touched on when picking a CCW:
    Body size
    Clothing type
    Experience with types of pistols
    Auto or revolver preference
    Amount of commitment to the chosen platform

    Good luck on your choice. Lots of good choices presented here.
  17. Nah, just go get a Desert Eagle (aka Deagle) 50 AE, stick it in your front pocket, and go. You'll be fine. Printing is only an urban legend, doesn't really happen. :)
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    Did I already mention I favor the P11?
    13 rounds of +P in your pocket.
  19. I carry a Kel tec P11, and I love it.... Kahr makes a real nice carry gun under $400 in either 9mm or .40