Looking for hornady bullet boxes

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by Whomeno, May 2, 2014.

  1. If any one has any Hornady bullet boxes laying around ,i would be interested in them. Looking for the size of boxes that 9mm and 38 cal come in. if you have any please shot me a price for them thanks
  2. GoesBang

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    You mean the small brown cardboard boxes?

  3. yes, the boxes the bullets come in like xtp and fmj.
  4. SWAGA

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    OK....curiosity has gotten the better of me..I'll ask.....

  5. Swaga, your answer is this. I found that 50 Rounds of 9mm fit great in these boxes. Which fit real nice in an ammo box. I was getting the mtm flip top boxes but due to my health ( heart attack back in january) I now need to look for some thing a little cheaper to store my rounds in.
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    which leads to the next question......whats wrong with the boxes that the rounds already come in when you buy them??
  7. these are not bought rounds, these are my reloads.
  8. Here are a few pics

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    I think he might want them because of the hornady boxes are very cool looking..
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    well, who wouldnt?
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    Well who, doesn't know a quality box
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    I think I paid about $1 a piece for my MTM ammo boxes.

    Wow. Someone who is more broke than me!
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    Bullet images nice.Thanks for sharing.